Welcome! HOWA’s Application Review Committee looks forward to receiving your application for the grant of the 2001 Chevy 3500 Shuttle Bus 

Thank you for applying. 

An anonymous donor gifted a very special home on wheels. It has seatbelts for the driver +3 passengers, Sleeps 1 adult and 1 child easily. And has a special folding ramp to load and unload motorcycle through the rear door. It has solar, running water, kitchen, living room and bedroom. No Bathroom – bucket / jug system only.  

This 2001 Chevrolet Express 3500 6.5L V8 diesel van 1 ton is a past school shuttle from Phoenix Arizona that is now a Home Conversion: includes 600 watts of flexible solar panels on roof, MPPT charge controller, 4 lithium batteries, 5000W inverter, 30-amp rear shore power hookup box, 35-gallon water tank, 25-gallon gray tank, outside shower box, city water hookup, inside water pump, portable home aircon behind bench seat, ranch sink, fridge with small freezer, shelving, bed and under bed storage. The shuttle bus has been assessed head to toe mechanically, it is a safe and comfortable home on wheels! 

*With a large diesel-powered home comes increased financial responsibility. Tires, towing and mechanic repairs are elevated compared to average sized vehicles. Ex: replacing the glow plugs in a similarly sized engine cost a Howa staff member 5K. And the suspension springs another 2K. Successful applicants will either have the ability to repair and maintain a diesel shuttle bus themselves or significant savings to handle things that arise. It is in GREAT order now, but as nomads we know things wear out on our homes.  We want you to be successful.  

A HOWA vehicle grant is a 3 year relationship with HOWA support through our client service manager. To build and maintain an emergency fund, the Recipient will contribute each month (amount to be determined with their Mentor) to an escrow fund managed by HOWA for a period of 3 years.  A lien will be placed on the Chevy Shuttle Bus Title.  At the end of 3 years, the balance of that escrow emergency fund, not used for Shuttle Bus repairs, will be refunded to the Recipient and the lien on the Chevy Shuttle Bus is removed. Your commitment to HOWA will be completed and your title is free and clear to do as you wish.   

Timeline for this vehicle award is Tight. Please pay attention to the dates and details.  

Tues, March 7th, 2023 Application for the Shuttle Bus closes at 5 pm Pacific Time.
March 7th-14th The Application Review Committee will review and interview applicants  

March 15th or sooner, our executive director selects, and Committee notifies the recipient!! 

April 2-14 Volunteers at the BYOV make the Chevy Shuttle Bus ready with interior detail and assessment of solar system 

Sunday, April 16th Recipient arrives to HOWA Camp on BLM land in Pahrump, NV  

April 17th-28th Recipient camps with HOWA volunteers and works 1 on 1 with a HOWA mentor to prepare for successful nomadic living  

April 28th Recipient displays/shows their Chevy Shuttle Bus at the Friday afternoon BYOV Open House celebrating the great work of the volunteers and recipients who received needed improvements during the month long BYOV event.  


 To be considered as a possible Recipient of the Chevy Bus Grant, you will need to: 

  • Be in financial need such that you cannot afford to purchase your own stable home on wheels, AND
  • Have sufficient on-going income and resources to be able to afford to repair and maintain a 6.5 L Chevy V8 diesel engine once granted (Chevy Express 3500 6.5L V8), AND
  • Be physically able to drive a shuttle bus, empty a gray tank (typically: kneel, up and down) AND physically able to deploy the folding ramp from rear door (width would support a motorcycle/peddle bike- not a wheelchair width). 
  • Commit to the Chevy Bus as your full-time home on wheels for at least three years, AND
  • Boondock from April 16-29 at the HOWA desert camp in Pahrump NV. (To boondock is to camp without amenities — no bathroom, water, electricity, trash, etc.) AND
  • Be financially able to both travel to Pahrump, NV and boondock, AND
  • Have a valid driver’s license, AND
  • Be able to get liability insurance for a 2001 Cheverolet Express 3500 6.5 L V8 diesel 1 ton shuttle bus, AND 
  • Complete all parts of this application, uploading all requested documentation. 


To Complete the Application: 

Be prepared to upload images of your current driver’s license and insurance ID card.  If there is no ID card, then upload a letter from the insurance company to indicate that you are insurable. 

  • Current Driver’s License.
  • Current vehicle insurance card 
  • — OR a letter from your Insurance Company of your insurability with them for a 2002 Roadtrek 190-Popular. 

Be prepared to attach financial documents and/or Letters of Recommendation:

  • Latest Statements from all of your financial institutions.
  • 2022 IRS 1040 Tax Form
    • OR, if You Did Not File 2022 Federal Taxes, then upload pictures of 2 Letters of Recommendation.  An effective letter of recommendation is from someone who is aware of your financial situation and need, and can provide clear examples of that need.  The writer needs to explain their relationship to you, and how long they have known you. 
  • When available, provide a copy of your award letter from Social Security, SSI, or SSDI, etc. 

Have the following information ready to enter into the application:

  • AVERAGE MONTHLY INCOME from every source (paid work, Social Security, pension, retirement disbursements, etc.).
  • ALL DEBT & MONTHLY PAYMENTS (loans, credit card, mortgage, etc.).
  • ALL ASSETS (savings, real estate, vehicle(s), annuities, etc.)

For health and safety, if you may have a contagious condition (skin, respiratory, bacterial, viral), be prepared to attach a photo of a note from your doctor indicating their approval of your participation.

  • That is, provide a note from your doctor (on their letterhead) with their signed approval of your participation to work on the Chevy Bus with others in close quarters. Your doctor should include any instructions to protect you and others who will be in close proximity to you.

Note:  If you don’t have all of the documents for upload right now, you can come back and upload them later on your Profile Page.  Instructions to get to your Profile Page will be provided in the confirmation email once you submit this application.  Be sure to have everything completed by the time application close at 5pm Pacific Time on Tuesday, March 7th.