Preparing for Your Nomadic Life — TODAY at 3pm Pacific

Go to Bob Well’s CheapRVLiving YouTube Channel for his first Wednesday Live Feed today.  The topic is “Preparing for Your Nomadic Life.”  Join me, Suanne, in the live chat.  Ask your questions.   Join us today, Wednesday June 19 at 3pm Pacific, 4pm Mountain, 5pm Central, and 6pm Eastern Daylight Time.


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    Lydia says

    Bob, i have been iliving in my Van for 2 months now.,after leaving a relationship in which i was not Happy.
    I bought a 05 Sedona and using things i already had, I set out on my new life. Your Channel has been so helpful, but the expenses of not having a stove and fridge are making it so hard for me. I am at Walmart in Reno and dont have cash for food until my SS comes in, what kind of food can i buy that wont spoil quickly?
    My Van still needs TLC.. I have no plans on giving up,

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      Suanne Carlson says

      Hi Lydia, Thanks for reading our blog! This is Suanne, HOWA’s Exec. Dir. and I’ve lived out of a Prius since 2009, without a refrigerator. I can tell you some food items I eat that don’t spoil, purchased at Walmart. For fresh fruit and veggies, I eat apples, oranges, celery, carrots, cabbage-based salads. I keep these items on the floor of my vehicle on the north side where it’s coolest, along with eggs and condiments. I will keep a moist towel over them to keep things cool with evaporation. Use a spray bottle to keep towel moist. Produce will last for days, everything else for weeks. Be sure to get your condiments in squeeze bottles to avoid contamination. If you cook in your van, dried beans are good. My favorite is navy beans with small bits of bacon jerky, over a whole grain bread. Canned goods don’t spoil — tuna is a go-to for me, as is the single-serving apple sauce, chili and beans. Nuts. Rice. Parmesan Cheese. I do a lot of soups using ramen noodles (without the salt packet), add a small can of chicken, carrots and celery. Since you are at Walmart, buy single portions of produce every day rather than trying to keep larger amounts from spoiling.

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        Marianne Ingles Brown says

        Thanks, Suanne, for the information on how to live without a refrigerator. I’m so surprised your produce lasts so long. Does that include whole veggies like iceberg lettuce, bell peppers and tomatoes? Is it true mayonnaise doesn’t have to be refrigerated? How long do you keep it? Same for catsup, mustard, bottled salad dressings? Thanks again for sharing your experiences.

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    Sa'ed says

    where is the post for final van built product please, including the pdf version?

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      Phyllis says

      Hello Sa’ed! We will be posting a manual of the van build process very soon on the HomesOnWheelsAlliance.org website. Please stay tuned!! It will be a pdf. Safe and Happy Travels!

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    Marianne Ingles Brown says

    Just saw the online manual of the van build. Absolutely awesome job! If’s beautiful, practical, well laid out and comfortable. Volunteers, you did way more than I was imagining, with painstaking, skilled craftsmanship. Congratulations, HOWA officials and volunteer, on a job well done. Thanks for your dedication and giving spirits.

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      Phyllis says

      Marianne, Thank you for your kind words and support!

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