Assistant for Scheduling & Coordination

Private Contractor for Homes On Wheels Alliance, Inc. and CheapRVLiving, LLC

Job Description and Application Materials

Two contracts with: 1) Homes On Wheels Alliance (HOWA) and 2) CheapRVLiving (CRVL).  This private contractor will schedule appointments, manage electronic meetings, and provide reminders.


  • Through Monday, March 30: Accept applications
  • Thursday, April 2: Offer position
  • Friday, April 3 through Monday, April 13: Training


  • Schedule appointments for both one-on-one and group meetings
  • Find acceptable meeting times for all attendees.
  • Manage contact information for attendees, such as — private contractors, Trustees, volunteers, sponsors, interviewees, media, law enforcement, lawyers, CPAs, etc.
  • Present as professional and friendly. You are CRVL and HOWA.
  • Re-schedule appointments when required
  • Help build agendas and manage shared documents for meetings
  • Remind for appointments and tasks (at levels needed for each attendee, important for Bob)
  • Use Google Calendar for CRVL and Outlook Calendar for HOWA
  • Manage Zoom, a video conferencing tool for CRVL and HOWA
  • Manage SLACK, an online communication tool for CRVL and HOWA


  • Private contractor earning $250 per week for an expected average of 20 hrs/week.
  • 50/50 split between CRVL and HOWA.
  • Potential for time commitment and pay to increase later.
  • May telecommute, with an understanding of the challenges of scheduling for nomads
  • Provide own equipment, Internet service, phone, and workspace

Reporting structure:

  • Trainers
    • Phyllis: Primary trainer
    • KC: Supplemental and advanced Zoom trainer
  • Direct supervision
    • Primary: Phyllis (assists Suanne Carlson as HOWA Executive Director)
    • Secondary: KC (assists Bob Wells as CRVL Owner, HOWA Board President)
  • Works directly with Bob, Suanne and other HOWA and CRVL team members

Attributes, skills, and experience:

  • Highly organized
  • Patient
  • Creative problem solver
  • Good communication skills — verbal and written
  • Experience juggling multiple tasks under pressure
  • Experience working with the public in a professional and friendly manner

Technical skills, and experience:

  • Experience managing both Google and Outlook email and calendar programs
  • Experience using Microsoft Word or other word processing software; prefer MS Word experience
  • Experience using Zoom or other video conferencing app; prefer Zoom management experience
  • Experience managing SLACK or similar business communication tool; Prefer SLACK management experience
  • Skilled on the Microsoft Windows platform

To Apply


  • Two letters of recommendation that discuss how you meet the above requirements
  • Current Resume

Supplemental Questions:

  • Describe how long you have used each of the following electronic tools, include your skill level as related to managing meetings and tasks:
    • Google email and calendar
    • Outlook email and calendar
    • Microsoft Word
    • Zoom and other video conferencing software.
    • SLACK and other threaded communications software.
  • Discuss when you re-organized a situation after the unexpected occurred.
  • Discuss the most challenging Zoom meeting or panel that you’ve set up. If not Zoom, then another video conferencing software.
  • What is the largest group you’ve facilitated in SLACK or similar product? Discuss how you organized it.
  • Discuss how scheduling appointments among nomads present unique challenges.
  • Describe your workspace, equipment and services that satisfy the needs of this position.

Directions:  Send your completed application materials to  Include a cover letter, resume, letters of recommendation, and answers to the supplemental questions.  Cut off is March 30, 2020.


Homes On Wheels Alliance and CheapRVLiving are proud to be Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action employers. We do not discriminate based upon race, religion, color, national origin, gender (including pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions), sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, age, status as a protected veteran, status as an individual with a disability, or other applicable legally protected characteristics.


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