(Updated: 11/7/2023)

This site is located about 32 miles south of Needles, CA, on the CA side of Lake Havasu.  It features a view of Lake Havasu City across the lake, with the city lights reflecting off the lake surface at night.
It is one of the more remote Caravan locations. Be sure to replenish your supplies (water and fuel) as well as doing laundry and dumping trash and holding tanks in one of the larger towns on your way to Center Camp.

Turn off Havasu Lake Rd onto BLM land at 34.470930, -114.479920.

From I-40 & US-95 in Needles, CA, go south on US-95 (Broadway St) for 20 miles.

Turn left onto Havasu Lake Road at 34.557940, -114.645174 and go about another 12 miles. The turn off onto the desert is just before Mile Marker 12.

Turn right onto BLM land at 34.470930, -114.479920.  The berm is a bit large. If possible, approach it squarely to avoid excessive rocking.

Follow the dirt road to the Caravan Center Camp coordinates at 34.469132, -114.476685.

(If you have a picture to share of this camp location, email it to InPersonCaravans@HomesOnWheelsAlliance.org.)


  • IMPORTANT!!  At least one person at campfire needs to have a picture of a valid California fire permit on their phone.  https://permit.preventwildfiresca.org/
  • No Host will be at the camp. Be friendly to make friends.
  • Other non-Caravan campers will possibly be sharing this public land.
  • No amenities are available at Caravan Camps (water, trash, bathrooms).  Be prepared to be 100% self-sufficient.
  • Leave the camp in better condition than found.  Leave No Trace!
  • Needles, CA is the closest town, with other amenities in the valley north of it.


UPDATED: 10/31/2022
These are provided on a best-effort basis.  Have suggestions/Updates?  Send them to InPersonCaravans@HomesOnWheelsAlliance.org

  • Laundromat:  (located in Bullhead City about 50 miles north of the Caravan location)
    • Valley Laundry: 35.046445, -114.600945


  • Walmart:  (located in Mojave City about 50 miles north of the Caravan location)
    • Arizona: 35.023553, -114.597441


  • Grocery Stores:
    • Havasu Landing Market (CA): 34.490189, -114.408361  (This is the closest grocery store approximately 5 miles from the Caravan Location)
    • Food Mart (CA, Convenience): 34.826159, -114.595641
    • Safeway/Smiths (AZ): 35.0171175, -114.599338


  • Gas Stations:
    • Chevron/Exxon/Shell: (CA, Nearest): 34.851325, -114.622668
    • AMPM/Thalypo/Arco: (AZ, Cheaper): 34.865743, -114.598373


  •  Water:
    • The Havasu Landing Market (CA) sells water by the gallon.
    • Kiosk outside Rite Aid (CA, $.50/g): 34.824944, -114.594868


  • RV Dump:
    • The Havasu Landing RV Resort does not have a  dump site.
      To use their facilities you must pay for one overnight general campsite. https://www.havasulandingresortcasino.com/campground/
    • Shell (CA, $??): 34.829030, -114.595868 (Located about 38 miles north in Needles)


  • Showers (and cost):
    • Love’s/Pilot (AZ, $??): 34.728964, -114.315252


  •  Vets:
    • Mojave Valley Animal Hospital (AZ): 34.877547, -114.595423


  • Dog parks:
    • Spike’s Desert Dog Park: 34.849441, -114.615099


  • LandFills (and cost):
    • There are public dumpsters located at the corner of Havasu Lake Road and Jack Bale Rd next to the fire station
    • Tri City Disposal (AZ, $??): 34.928603, -114.596417


  • VERIZON (VISIBLE-$25 plan, Updated 11/9/2022)
    • Ping:  91 ms (lower is better)
    • Download:  17.9 Mbps
    • Upload:  1.27 Mbps


  • VERIZON (Updated 11/8/2023)
    • Ping: 49 ms (lower is better)
    • Download: 51.2 Mbps
    • Upload: 27.4 Mbps


  •  AT&T  (Updated 11/8/2023)
    • Ping: 51 ms (lower is better)
    • Download: 96.3 Mbps
    • Upload: 15.9 Mbps


  • T-Mobile  (No data collected)
    • Ping:   ms (lower is better)
    • Download:   Mbps
    • Upload:   Mbps