(Updated: 12/27/2022)

Yuma, AZ is on the Borders of AZ, CA and Mexico.  Algadones, MX, right across the border offers cheap options for retail and health services.  BLM areas near highway I-8 include American Girl Mine and Sidewinder Rd.

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  • No Camp Host will be at the camp. Be friendly to make friends.
  • Other non-Caravan campers will possibly be sharing this public land.
  • No amenities are available at Caravan Camps (water, trash, bathrooms).  Be prepared to be 100% self-sufficient.
  • Leave the camp in better condition than found.  Leave No Trace!


UPDATED: 12/27/2022
These are provided on a best-effort basis.  Have suggestions/Updates?  Send them to

  • Laundromat:
  • Walmart:
  • Grocery Stores:
  • Gas Stations:
  • Water:
  • RV Dump:
  • Showers (and cost):
  • Vets:
  • Dog parks:
  • LandFills (and cost):