Caravan 1E — April 1st through 14th — Douglas, AZ

Caravan 1E — April 1st through 14th — Douglas, AZ

Important: By indicating that you will attend this event, you are agreeing to the Activity Release Agreement and Waiver below.

Caravan 1E’s camp is on 5 acres of private land in Douglas, AZ. Arrive on or after April 1st, and leave no later than Noon on April 15th. We’ll be on a portion of the land that has been cleared. Lots of open space!

This Caravan has no designated host; so, please welcome one another upon arrival. If you have questions, just use the comment section below this description to ask them.

To be good neighbors, please keep dust down and drive slow on the dirt roads. Also, remember sound carries a long ways in the desert.

Douglas is a friendly town with amenities, including a Walmart.

To find out how to arrive prepared to be a caravan participant, see http://CheapRVLiving.com/Caravans for a complete set of Q & As.

With the warmer weather, desert critters are stirring, including scorpions and snakes. Here is a good article to help you keep snakes away from your campsite. https://takeoutdoors.com/guides/camping-guides/how-to-keep-snakes-away-from-your-campsite/

Release of Liability

Going camping on unimproved land, public or private, is inherently dangerous and risk is a necessary part of it. When you join a caravan, you open yourself up to so many potential risks, we could not begin to list them all. It is totally impossible for us to go around with you and brush aside all potential danger to you, so we are not offering you any guarantee of safety. Just the opposite, we guarantee that there will be many normal and even some abnormal risks around you. By going to the caravan, you are agreeing that camping is risky and you join the caravans knowing that you alone are taking on that risk and that neither Cheap RV Living, LLC, nor Homes on Wheel Alliance, Inc. can be held liable for any harm that befalls you while in a caravan.

Now for the legal wording that requires your agreement:

Activity Release Agreement & Waiver

By RSVP’ing that you will participant in this event on Meetup, you (the Participant), CheapRVLiving, LLC (CRVL) and Homes On Wheels Alliance, Inc. (HOWA) do contract and agree as follows:

You, the Participant, hereby release and discharge CRVL and HOWA, and any representative of CRVL or HOWA of all claims, causes of actions, liabilities, disputes, demands, damages, agreements, contracts, obligations, promises, debts, and/or accounts of any kind or any nature, whether currently known or unknown, for any damage, loss, injury or death relating to Caravan Activities, or participation in Caravan Activities, which you, the Participant, have or may have in the future against CRVL or any representative of CRVL or HOWA, specifically applicable to any claims of negligence against CRVL or HOWA or any representative of CRVL or HOWA, as well as all other claims as described herein.

By RSVP’ing that you are going to this event, the Participant agrees to this Release and Waiver Agreement. Without RSVP’ing, participants will not be permitted to take part in Caravan Activities.

The Participant understands, acknowledges and agrees that this Release is a final settlement for any and all claims or actions relating to or arising out of Caravan Activities and that Participant has had the opportunity to carefully review the terms of this Release and Waiver Agreement and/or have it examined by an attorney if so desired. Participant further understands that Participant will not be allowed to litigate any claims against CRVL or HOWA as a consequence of agreeing by RSVP to this Waiver and Release Agreement, despite any injury that may be sustained during participation in Caravan Activities. Both the Participant, CRVL and HOWA are entering into this Release & Waiver Agreement voluntarily.

This Release & Waiver Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the Parties and supersedes any prior or contemporaneous understandings, whether written or oral.


April 3 - 12:00 pm


April 15 - 12:00 pm

Click to Register: https://www.meetup.com/Caravans/events/260017041/


Website: https://www.meetup.com/Caravans/

East Calle Principal

E Calle Principal

Douglas, AZ, US, 85607

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