Built on Dodge Ram B3500 Van; 8 cyl; 5.2L EFI; 4-Spd Automatic; 116,500 miles

Apply for a Roadtrek Class B RV


A Build Program Grant by
Homes On Wheels Alliance (HOWA)

October 16-29 in Pahrump, Nevada

Thank You to the Roadtrek’s Donor!

Before we get into the details of the application and granting processes, we want to express our gratitude to Robert May of Las Vegas who donated his much-loved Roadtrek to HOWA to grant to someone in need.  So much appreciation for your generosity!

To be considered as a possible Recipient of the Roadtrek:

  • Be in financial need such that you can not afford to purchase your own stable home on wheels, AND
  • Have sufficient on-going income and resources to be able to afford to repair and maintain an older RV once granted, AND
  • Physically able to kneel, up and down, to empty the tanks, or commit to not putting sink or shower water down the drain, AND
  • Commit to the Roadtrek as your full-time home on wheels for at least three years, AND
  • Boondock from Oct 16-29 at the HOWA desert camp. (To boondock is to camp without amenities — no bathroom, water, electricity, trash, etc.) AND
  • Be financially able to both travel to Pahrump and boondock, AND
  • Have a valid driver’s license, AND
  • Be able to get liability insurance for a 2002 Roadtrek 190-Popular Class B RV, AND
  • Complete all parts of the application, uploading all requested documentation.

Marla receives her grant of a minivan home on wheels.

About this 2002 Roadtrek 190-Popular Class B RV

  • Built on a Dodge Ram B3500 Van
  • 8 cyl., 5.2L EFI
  • 4-Speed Automatic
  • 116,500 miles
  • Newer microwave, refrigerator, and stove
  • 200W solar, 100ah lithium battery, 1200W inverter
  • No Toilet connected to Black Tank
    • Includes: hassock toilet instead
  • RV Tanks: 32 gallon fresh water; 6 gallon hot water; 24 gallon grey tank; 30 gallon propane tank; unused 10 gallon black tank
  • Includes: Little Buddy Propane Heater, and a small 110V Electric Heater
  • Includes: hitch rack, extendable ladder, and tire covers
  • Includes: documentation for RV systems and the Van
  • Link to a copy of an original Roadtrek informational/promotional booklet for all 2002 models, including the 190-Popular.

Since HOWA took possession of the Roadtrek:

  • Clean CarFax with evidence of regular maintenance
  • August 1, 2022 in Pahrump
    • Passed pre-purchased inspection
    • Mechanic noted need for tires (will be replaced)
  • Below are 27 photos of the Roadtrek from early August.  Hover over each photo for brief description.  Click photo to enlarge.

Before the Recipient arrives:

  • Oil change
  • Set of tires
  • Paint job (white)
  • RV systems inspected
  • Starter battery checked
  • Repairs/replacements as noted and discovered

Ditzy, the Volunteer Mentor with Recipient Barbara, standing in front of Barbara’s newly granted minivan. The Astro MiniVan was generously donated, as was the Fiberine hightop. Fall 2021

Once the Recipient arrives:

  • Help Recipient set up, organize and move into the Roadtrek
  • Instruct Recipient on how to use the RV systems in this Roadtrek
  • Needed housekeeping and camping items provided, as donated
  • Mentor the Recipient to begin to learn the skills and behaviors to be a successful nomad
  • Complete Grant and Escrow agreements
  • Sign the title over to Recipient, with a lien

Note: The Recipient will contribute each month (amount to be determined with their Mentor) to an emergency-savings escrow fund managed by HOWA for a period of 3 years.  A lien will be placed on the Roadtrek.  At the end of 3 years, the balance of that escrow emergency fund, not used for Roadtrek repairs, will be refunded to the Recipient and the lien on the Roadtrek is removed.

To Complete the Application:

Upload pictures of your:

  • Current Driver’s License.
  • Current vehicle insurance card
  • — OR a letter from your Insurance Company of your insurability with them for a 2002 Roadtrek 190-Popular.

This Roadtrek Grant helps to fulfill part of HOWA’s Mission to provide safe and secure “homes on wheels” to those on the edge of homelessness.   The following documentation and information is necessary, therefore, for the Review Committee’s assessment processes.

EXAMPLE of what the document upload process looks like in the Application on YOUR PROFILE PAGE.

Be prepared with photos or electronic documents of:

  • Latest Statements from all of your financial institutions.
  • 2021 IRS 1040 Tax Form
  • — OR, if You Did Not File 2021 Federal Taxes, then upload pictures of 2 Letters of Recommendation

Have the following information ready to enter into the application:

  • AVERAGE MONTHLY INCOME from every source (paid work, Social Security, pension, retirement disbursements, etc.).
  • ALL DEBT & MONTHLY PAYMENTS (loans, credit card, mortgage, etc.).
  • ALL ASSETS (savings, real estate, vehicle(s), annuities, etc.).

FOR HEALTH & SAFETY, if you may have a contagious condition (skin, respritory, bacterial, viral, etc.), be prepared to attach a photo of a note from your doctor indicating their approval of your participation.

  • That is, provide a note from your doctor (on their letterhead) with their signed approval of your participation to work on the Roadtrek with others in close quarters. Your doctor should include any instructions to protect you and others who will be in close proximity to you.

Note:  If you don’t have all of the documents for upload right away now, you can come back and upload them later on your Profile Page.  Instructions to get to your Profile Page will be provided in the confirmation email after you submit this application.  Be sure to have everything completed by September 12 at 11:59pm PDT, the last time to submit your completed application.

For more details, continue reading.  Otherwise …


Applications for the Roadtrek close on September 12, 2022 at 11:59pm.

HOWA strives to facilitate efficient Build Events in alignment with our Mission to serve those most in need, grounded in a community of care and compassion. Build Event Recipients have overwhelmingly demonstrated honest, responsive, and kind behaviors. However, a Recipient will be dismissed from participation or planned participation in a Build Event if the Recipient engages in certain problematic behaviors. Click here to see GROUNDS FOR DISMISSAL policy which outlines the conditions for such dismissals.

Grounds for Dismissal

If HOWA management determines a Recipient has demonstrated any of the below behaviors, that Recipient will be immediately dismissed from that Build Event or from participating in a planned Build Event:

  1. Recipient violates or undermines the mission of HOWA;
  2. Recipient is found to have provided false, misleading, or incomplete information to HOWA that HOWA relied on in selecting the Recipient for a Build Grant;
  3. Recipient disrupts the activities of the Build Event; or
  4. Recipient places other Build Event Participants at risk.



Examples of grounds for dismissal, include but are not limited to:

  • Recipient is unresponsive to communications.
  • Recipient does not accurately disclose financial and other resources available to Recipient.
  • Recipient does not show up at scheduled appointment time or is significantly late.
  • Recipient’s pet is aggressive toward people or other animals, on leash or off leash.
  • Recipient has a contagious condition that puts others at risk.
  • Recipient participates in sexual or physical harassment in their jokes, words, or actions.
  • Recipient violates the stated rules or boundaries of the Build Event.


After Dismissal

If at the time of dismissal, the Recipient was already granted a vehicle or a build installation, then the Recipient must return the vehicle and all previously granted supplies and materials within one week of dismissal. The granted vehicle, supplies and materials must be returned in good condition at a mutually agreed upon time at the Build Event location.

Boondocking at the HOWA Camp

Concurrent with the Roadtrek Grant, HOWA is offering the Bring Your Own Vehicle (BYOV) Build Event.  So the Roadtrek Recipient will be boondocking with other Recipients who have applied and received a grant to improve their current home on wheels during the BYOV Build Event.  If curious about the BYOV, check out this webpage from the Spring 2022 BYOV Build Event.

To volunteer for the Roadtrek Grant (or the BYOV) click on this link for that application.

Evening campfire while dispersed camping (boondocking) in the BLM desert east of the town of Pahrump. Fall 2021

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Cheryl: Spring 2022 Recipient.

A person who applied, was interviewed, then selected to receive an assistance grant from HOWA that Recipients are unable to afford themselves.  Recipients remain in Pahrump.  Recipients are the reason for HOWA’s Build Programs and all the volunteers who gather to make them happen.


Volunteers at HOWA first Build, Summer 2019.

A person who gives from the heart for the benefit of Recipients to improve their quality of life.   Care and compassion are hallmarks of the HOWA community’s volunteers.  Other than small tokens of gratitude, they receive no compensation.

Thank-You Lunch on Friday Afternoons:

Recipient Aimee thanking her Build Team members, Diane and Anya, during a Friday Thank You Lunch at the Spring 2022 BYOV.

Recipients, Staff and Trustees come together to thank that week’s Volunteers.  This is a time to honor those who make the Build Programs possible.  Volunteers are the heart of HOWA!

Camp on BLM land:

A common scene when Nomads camp together. (Fall 2021, Pahrump, NV)

Recreational camping on BLM land with other Recipients and Volunteers.  No work will be done on vehicles at camp.  No activities organized by HOWA.  This is a place to casually camp and enjoy community after a busy day.  Pets are on leash.  Avoid driving through washes or over any plants.  A suggested location will be provided on October 1 by email. Extra large or long RVs or trailers may not fit or be able to safely access the camp.

Build Site:

Work at the BYOV Build Site, Spring 2022.

Is on private property in Pahrump.  This is where the repairs to the Roadtrek will take place.  Much appreciation for our Hosts at Mail, Messages and More.  The Build Site will be approximately a half-hour drive from the BYOV Camp.  The Build Site is a construction zone; so, no visitors.  (The public and community are invited to the Open House on the afternoon of Friday, October 28.)

Safety and First Aid:

Rachele: First Aid Volunteer at the 2022 RTR. She also served at the Spring 22 BYOV.


Safety is a very important focus.  All Participants are part of the be-safe solution.  Stay aware.  Be proactive.  Act and respond immediately when directed to remove or react to a safety hazard.  Wear close-toed shoes and eye protection.  To prevent COVID transmission, HOWA recommends that participants follow current CDC Guidelines.  If an accident occurs, trained and qualified first aid volunteers are at the Build Site.

Leadership Team:

Bobbi, your BYOV Manager.

  • Bobbi, Build Manager
  • Ronda, Assistant Manager
  • Glen, volunteer Build Organizer to assist Build Teams and provide quality control
  • Two volunteer Assistant Build Organizers and one or two Inventory volunteers have yet to be selected.

Support the Build Programs:

Volunteer:  Sign-ups available by clicking here.

Charity Wishlist on Amazon:  Purchase an item (or more) for Recipients’ Builds.  Published after the September 12th.

Cash Gifts:  Specifically for the HOWA Build Program HERE.

Desert Clean-Up

Part of the clean-up crew from April 2022.

On Saturday mornings of October 8, 15, 22, and 29 — meet in the BLM Desert at Basin and Higley (aka Justin) to pick up trash.  Bags provided by HOWA.  Dumpster provided by the BLM, Pahrump Field Office.


A caring and compassionate community are hallmarks of HOWA.  All are welcome to be part of us, all — ethnicities, sexual orientations, gender identities, religious affiliations, political persuasions, physical abilities, etc.  Diversity makes us stronger.  In HOWA, we focus on what brings us together — our humanity, appreciation of differences, love of nature, exploration, helping each other, the nomadic life.  In contrast, we avoid divisive topics, words, pictures, and symbols of religion, politics, and any other current hot-button topic.  Together we are changing lives, building community, and ending homelessness one person at a time.

HOWA’s Trustees and Staff:

Trustees:  Bob Wells, President; Suanne Carlson, Vice-President; Karen Battaglia, Secretary; Brian Gifford, Treasurer; Bob Kent; Susan Merrill; Sarah Kuiken; JP Smith; and provisional trustees Arlo Kipfer (acting Governance), Jaime Restorff, and John Noland.

Staff:  Suanne Carlson, Executive Director; Phyllis Bickford, Executive Assistant; and Lisa Bernad, Virtual Caravan Coordinator who also lends her artistic talents.  Bobbi, the BYOV Manager is also the Emergency Fund Coordinator and Case Manager for Vehicle-Grant Recipients.

Sponsors and Supporters of the Fall 2022 Build Events

Beautiful Desert of Pahrump, NV

Looking east at Mt Charleston during sunset, BLM land in Pahrump, NV.