Provide Help to Nomads Affected by COVID-19

The joy of being part of a community, is that in times of need we don’t have to cope with hardship alone—we can pool our time, talents, resources, and hearts together and be far stronger together than we would ever be alone. With the outbreak of the Coronavirus, this is one of those times when we need to turn to the community, to pool our strengths.  The purpose of this page, is to provide you with a method to connect to others to both get help, and to give help. Here are just a few examples of help you might can give: 

  • Offer your land or a driveway as a safe haven. 
  • Assist with the purchase and delivery of groceries to a sick vehicle dweller.
  • Build social connections.
  • Provide a kind, listening ear for someone in self-isolation.

After reading the Disclosure and agreeing to the Liability Release, enter your location and email address for a Nomad to contact you directly.

Disclosure:  Although HOWA desires to believe the best of nomads requesting assistance, we have not reviewed, interviewed or investigated anyone who may contact you, including a verification of their need, their current level of health, their exposure to COVID-19, or their motivations for reaching out.  Those offering assistance are highly encouraged to request the necessary information in order to investigate and vet anyone who contacts them for help, including creating contractual agreements as appropriate.

Liability Release: By entering your information on this form, you release Homes On Wheels Alliance, its Trustees, Staff, Volunteers, Sponsors, their families and associates from liability due to any harm that may result from your offer or actions of help.  If you agree, click on the “+” (plus sign) to indicate your agreement, and to enter your name, location, email, and offer(s) of help.

By clicking here, you indicate that you have read the Disclosure and agree to the Liability Release.

Fill out this form to be added to the list of:

First Name or Nick Name: _________________________________________

State: _________________________________________________________

Closest Town: ________________________________________________

eMail Address: _________________________________________________

Check all Offers of Help:

  • Purchase & deliver groceries/supplies/water/fuel/medication
  • Transport sick nomad to get medical help
  • Visit in person to provide social support
  • Visit by video/email/text to provide social support
  • Provide and deliver meals
  • Remove garbage (trash, human waste)
  • Offer land or driveway for nomad to camp on
  • Wellness check on sick nomad
  • Seek $100 efund on behalf of sick nomad without funds
  • Other: ______________________________________