Help the BYOV Build Recipients

Come back here often as we introduce you to the recipients of the BYOV Build in April in Parhump, NV.  The applications just closed on March 15th.  We expect to have reviewed, and interviewed the finalists by March 20th.

For each BYOV Build Recipient, we will share with you their story and the project(s) to improve their current “home on wheels.”  We’ll be able to tell you the items they need for their build and give you the opportunity to purchase them.

For example, for the bed builds, we’ll need lumber that you can help purchase on a Home Depot Group Gift Card.  Or, for the 200W solar power system build, the Recipient will need the panels, battery, charge controller, inverter and more.  If you’d like to contribute, purchase as little or as much as you desire.

While we are waiting to find out who will be this April’s Recipients.  Here are the list of projects that they may choose from:

  • Platform bed – unfinished ¾”-1″ plywood and lumber to fit inside the applicant’s vehicle
  • Shelving – unfinished plywood and lumber w/lip that fits inside the applicant’s vehicle
  • Solar power system with portable solar panels, two sizes to choose from —
    • 200W solar w/100ah battery, charge controller (w/monitor), 12v fuse block & receptacles, inverter, wiring, fuses – best for full-size vans or larger — OR
    • 100W solar w/portable power system – best for minivans or smaller
  • On an existing level base, flat ¾” plywood deck with vinyl flooring and edging at doors
  • Wall insulation (polyiso or EPS) with ¼” skin – most appropriate for full-size vans or larger
  • Ceiling insulation (polyiso or EPS) with ¼” skin – most appropriate for full-size vans or larger
  • Ceiling vent – may include fan if electrical power is available – most appropriate for full-size vans or larger

To help purchase lumber, plywood, insulation and other building materials, contribute toward a Home Depot Gift Card at  As Recipients are selected for projects that will use these building materials, we’ll let you know who they are and what project(s) they are scheduled to have completed.

To purchase specific items for the other builds — solar, fan, vent — go to the Amazon Wishlist at  Similarly, we will project Recipients’ names and projects as they are selected for these project(s).

Or, if you’d like to donate cash specifically for the Builds, then go to

If you are in the Pahrump, NV area on Friday afternoon, April 29, we will be having an Open House for you to come and see all of the builds and the difference your gift has made in people’s lives.  Stay tuned for more details about the Open House.