Allecia has a B.A. in Mass Communications with a minor in Psychology from the Northern Caribbean University. She is a full-time nomad, homeschooling her two young children on the road using the Bob Jones University curriculum.

She was a former Police Corporal in Jamaica where she learned her discipline through rigorous Police training. Her career paths in the US included working in corporate America as Executive Team Leader for Assets Protection, Customer Service Manager and Insurance Sales Agent. Since 2011, she ventured out into being a dedicated small Furniture Business Owner where she sharpened her warm people skills and passion for budgeting.

Allecia wants to positively impact the nomadic community by encouraging others to pursue and live their dream of freedom and travel. She believes in debt-free living and minimalism. She emphasizes that with strategic planning and proper budgeting, your nomadic dreams can come to fruition.

Her current roles with HOWA are Program Manager and Social Media Specialist.