There are few higher priorities in my life than to serve others!  I cannot wait to whole-heartedly serve all cultures, all orientations, and all socioeconomic status Nomads!  How honored I am to serve the Nomad community.

In the past, I have had the privilege to help refugees begin brand new lives here in the U.S., assist victims of crime with services to help them in their recovery, teach middle/high school students as an educator, and provide meals to the homeless as part of outreach efforts and organic produce production.  The Bachelors degree I received in the Administration of Justice involved a lengthy study of social work that opened my eyes to the various factors that could lead to hard times and not the best choices.

While most of my working career has been in the Accounting field, I never forgot that those on hard times could always use a helping hand.  Fortunately, plenty of volunteer opportunities have kept me in the serving spirit and eventually I was able to volunteer at the RTR, BYOV, and a RV donation effort.  I cannot wait to see how much more helpful HOWA becomes in the coming years and how I can contribute to that!