I have always had a passion for the Nomadic lifestyle. After I had retired from the 9-5, where I worked in the field of IT/Information Security Systems, I chose to immerse myself in it. I began my nomadic vandwelling journey boondocking in my car and a tent, then a minivan and cargo trailer, and currently my high top passenger van.
Over the years, I have served as a Red Cross Disaster Volunteer, being called to major natural disasters, such as hurricanes as well as local disasters, such as home fires. I saw the devastation of families after they had lost everything.  Nothing can prepare you for being on the front lines. I have been an avid volunteer at the Deaf Recreation Center for Seniors and Summer Deaf Camps for Spanish children. I have spent personal time in both the Spanish and Deaf communities.
As a Trustee, I will apply the skills, knowledge, and life experiences I have learned throughout my years to assist the organization in serving the needs of others.