Recipients Jimmy, Michell, Julie, Suzanne, Christine, and Shannon 

Due to the constraints of HOWA’s  liability insurance, the Bring Your Own Vehicle events were on hold for most of 2023. The good news is we now have insurance that covers the events! However, the insurance does not cover the skilled volunteers who had been installing components in recipient’s vehicles so the recipients at the Fall 2023 BYOV received plug and play portable solar power systems which included 200W of solar panels and a Bluetti EB70S power box.


As each of the recipients unboxed the components, volunteers David Wall and Rachele Adair explained how everything worked.


Having a reliable source of power will be life changing for the recipients!

Suzanne who works from home will not have to worry about how to charge her hotspot and her computer.

Having power to run a refrigerator and computer will give Julie more options.

Michelle’s insulin will stay at a safe temperature now that she has the power to run her refrigerator.

Jimmy can charge his electronic devices without running down his car battery.

Shannon is looking forward to having power for small appliances to make her life easier.

And Christine will be able to keep all of her electronic equipment charged.

Thank you to the recipients, staff, volunteers, and Lectric eBike who made this a successful event!

The generous donation from Lectric eBike has allowed HOWA to purchase additional solar systems. The next BYOV will be held on February 1, 2024. Seventeen nomads will be granted 200 watt solar systems which will include two 100W solar panels for roof mounting, 100Ah lithium battery, charge controller, inverter, 12v fuse block, and all wiring, fuses and hardware. Apply by December 31, 2023 HERE.

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