Success Stories

Your donations fund various programs that provide services for the nomadic community and help preserve independence, self-sufficiency, and dignity.

BUILDING COMMUNITY: Gatherings organized by HOWA guide new nomads in the skills needed to thrive, teach the value of honoring the public lands where we camp, and promote lasting friendships. Click twice on the photos for more information.

Since the first clean-up in early 2022, desert clean-ups have become a recurring event as circumstances permit. They're held in...
The first day of the WRTR  was cold and windy but that did not deter the intrepid women who gathered at the Quartzsite Town Park
2/13/ 2023
Over 14 days of WRTR and RTR hundreds of attendees enjoyed seminars, demonstrations, live music, open houses, crafts and games, and...
Many of our programs foster community building and everyone is welcome to join us! Click to see what the RTR, WRTR, Caravans, and HOWA Facebook groups can offer to you.

EMERGENCY FUND IN ACTION:When the unexpected happens HOWA provides loaner tents for temporary shelter and funds for tires, repairs, gas, and other necessities. Click twice on the photos for more information.

Because of your generosity, we were able to help 32 nomads in 2023.  Some received $100 Compassion Grants because their requests were beyond the scope of the eFund. Others, who were in danger of losing their homes...
HOWA's Emergency Fund recently hit a milestone with $50,000 awarded to over 140 nomads in need! This was only possible because of you...
When Bunny La Grand could no longer afford the rental she had in Portland, Oregon, she moved herself and her three cats into a 4-person tent and hit the road in her minivan...

VAN BUILDS: A pressing need for shelter is solved by converting minivans and other suitable vehicles into simple homes on wheels. Volunteers come together for two weeks several times a year to complete the homes. Click twice on the photos for more information.

Time for an update on Barbara and the Astro van! After waving goodbye to all of the volunteers at the HOWA van build in October 2021, Barbara began her journey as a nomad by visiting friends and boondocking...
Minivans are a good choice for full-time living or weekend getaways. They are one of the most economical cars to buy, get good gas mileage, are easy to park and drive...
It's finally time for the Astro van to become a Home on Wheels for a deserving recipient! Barbara has been couch surfing in the homes of friends and family for several months.
Between Summer 2019 and Fall 2021, HOWA has purchased or has been gifted 16 vehicles.  Eighteen people, on the edge of homelessness, have been granted vehicles as their homes on wheels. 

BRING YOUR OWN VEHICLE: The BYOV program serves those in the mobile community who own their vehicle but can not afford the materials and the labor costs for a build. Changes beginning Fall 2023: All products supplied will be new in box items. HOWA volunteers will not be doing installations. Click twice on the photos for more information.

On Thursday, February 1, a group of HOWA volunteers and BYOV solar system recipients gathered at the historic Gold Rock Ranch RV Park...
The recipients at Fall 2023 BYOV received plug and play portable solar power systems which included 200W of solar panels and a Bluetti EB70S power box...
The generosity of the volunteers and donors made it possible for HOWA to expand the October BYOV  and provide needed improvements to the homes on wheels of 18 recipients!
Volunteering for HOWA helps nomads in need in many ways but it's also very rewarding for the volunteers. Studies show that volunteering creates a feeling of well being and accomplishment...

SPECIAL PROJECTS: Generous donations of solar panels, batteries, electric bikes, trailers and other equipment by HOWA’s alliance partners and individual donors improve the daily lives of nomads. Click twice on the photos for more information.

$112,955 raised to help nomads in need! Thank you donors! Bob Wells, president of HOWA, bought an ambulance in the spring of 2021 and generously donated his 2015 GMC Savana 2500 Cargo Van to HOWA...
In January 2021 HOWA was the recipient of a $3,000 Community Grant from Walmart. Thank you Walmart! In keeping with the requirements that the grant money be distributed to nomads in need in the Pahrump area...
 A generous Community Grant of $3,000 from Walmart was distributed as $50 gifts to nomads in need through HOWA's We Care Program. Volunteers gathered in Pahrump on April 1st to hand out the gifts
In early December HOWA received a wonderful donation - $15,000 to be distributed to nomads in need. The anonymous donor stipulated that each vehicle dwelling  ...

How You Can Help.

It is no secret that there is a growing proportion of the country that cannot pay rent, pay for food and medications on the money they have each month. Millions of people in this country have to decide each month if they will pay their rent or buy food or buy the medications they need because they cannot stretch their budget to pay for all of it.

Homes On Wheels, Inc. is a newly formed 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that focuses on providing safe and secure unconventional housing to those in need helping them get back on their feet.

This enormous undertaking will succeed through the efforts of volunteers and contributions from those individuals and organizations that want to change lives and make a difference. There are many ways to be part of the solution. Click on the button to donate now through PayPal.

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