Success Stories

  Your donations fund a range of programs that provide services for the nomadic community and   help preserve independence, self-sufficiency, and dignity.

BUILDING COMMUNITY: Gatherings organized by HOWA guide new nomads in the skills needed to thrive, teach the value of honoring the public lands where we camp, and promote lasting friendships. Click twice on the photos for more information.

EMERGENCY FUND IN ACTION:When the unexpected happens HOWA provides loaner tents for temporary shelter and funds for tires, repairs, gas, and other necessities. Click twice on the photos for more information.

VAN BUILDS: A pressing need for shelter is solved by converting minivans and other suitable vehicles into simple homes on wheels. Volunteers come together for two weeks several times a year to complete the homes. Click twice on the photos for more information.

SPECIAL PROJECTS: Generous donations of solar panels, batteries, electric bikes, trailers and other equipment by HOWA’s alliance partners and individual donors improve the daily lives of nomads. Click twice on the photos for more information.

FUTURE PLANS: HOWA will use donated and purchased land for gathering, training, and building centers. This will free up resources and allow HOWA to serve more people. Click twice on the photo for more information.

How You Can Help.

It is no secret that there is a growing proportion of the country that cannot pay rent, pay for food and medications on the money they have each month. Millions of people in this country have to decide each month if they will pay their rent or buy food or buy the medications they need because they cannot stretch their budget to pay for all of it.

Homes On Wheels, Inc. is a newly formed 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that focuses on providing safe and secure unconventional housing to those in need helping them get back on their feet.

This enormous undertaking will succeed through the efforts of volunteers and contributions from those individuals and organizations that want to change lives and make a difference. There are many ways to be part of the solution. Click on the button to donate now through PayPal.

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