Emergency Funds & Tents for Nomads

The unexpected happens to all of us.

The Nomad Emergency Fund (eFund) Program of Homes On Wheels Alliance (HOWA)
may be able to help with emergencies such as
unexpected repairs to Nomads’ rigs, groceries due an unexpected cash short-fall, gas funds to get to a job …

The Tent Program is for Nomads (vehicle dwellers) in financial need who require a tent for emergency or medical problems.

If in an unexpected crisis, then HOWA’s Nomad Emergency Fund (eFund) may be able to assist.  Here are some general Guidelines to see if the eFund is a good fit.

Intent of the eFund Program is for people who are:

    • Nomads living out of their vehicle,
    • In an unexpected risky situation due to a sudden incident, or series of events, that are out of their control, and
    • Without enough financial, family, or friend resources to fix their emergency

Scope of the eFund Program is for people who are:

  • Nomads, actively living on the road, and
  • Legally driving their “home on wheels” (titled, registered, & insured).

Out-of-Scope not-fundable examples include:

  • Non-emergencies,
  • Repair costs beyond the value of the vehicle,
  • Requests for funding to start life as a vehicle dweller, or
  • Expected costs such as – loan payments, vehicle registration, tire replacements, battery replacement, brake job, tune up, oil change, etc.

Limit on Lifetime Grant Total:  Due to a finite number of dollars in HOWA’s Nomad Emergency Fund, each grantee is limited to a cumulative $1,500 lifetime award.  If an emergency repair costs more than the Applicant’s balance from HOWA’s Emergency Fund, then HOWA will offer to combine granted eFund dollars with funds from other sources that are available to the Applicant.  By putting an upper lifetime limit for each client, HOWA is able to help more Nomads facing emergencies.

If your needs do not fall within the Guidelines for HOWA’s eFund Program, please check out our Other Programs or reach out to local social services in the area you are located.

To inquire about an eFund Grant:
If your situation falls within the Intent and Scope of the Nomad eFund Program, and is not Out-of-Scope, then email eFund@HomesOnWheelsAlliance.org with the following required information:

  • Name
  • Current location
  • Working phone number
  • Working email
  • Brief description of your emergency

Once HOWA has this initial information, we will walk you through a larger application process that includes providing:

  • Electronic copies, sent by email, of your driver’s license, proof of insurance, title (if not with a loan company), registration, and proof of insurance.
  • Electronic copy of the written estimate on the mechanic shop’s official invoice/letterhead for the total costs to make your vehicle safe for both driving and living, including tax.
  • A valuation of your vehicle from Kelly Blue Book, NADA, a dealer appraisal, or documented sales for the same year/make/model of vehicle.  HOWA avoids repairing vehicles that need funds beyond their worth as additional major repairs will be likely in the near future.
  • Other documentation if requested (e.g., bank statements, a second estimate, etc.).

Intent: Tents are provided to Nomads in financial need who are currently traveling and living out of their vehicle.

Tents are granted for emergency and medical needs.  Since desert winds are strong and destructive, several Nomads have been granted a tent to replace their tent that the wind recently ripped up.


Tent applicants must be:

    • In need of a tent due to emergency or medical problems,
    • Without enough financial, family, or friend resources to purchase a tent,
    • Available to pick-up and transport a tent that is shipped to them,
    • Strong enough to safely lift and carry 50 pounds,
    • Proficient at putting up and taking down a tent by themselves,
    • Capable of using a 3-pound hammer to secure rebar stakes into rocky ground, and
    • Able to securely transport a 6.5′ long x 12″ round disassembled tent in their vehicle.


If you don’t meet the guidelines for HOWA’s Tent Program, please check out our Other Programs or reach out to local social services in the area you are located.

To inquire about a Tent Grant:
If your situation falls within the Guidelines for the Tent Program, then email eFund@HomesOnWheelsAlliance.org with the following required information:

    • Name
    • Current location
    • Working phone number
    • Working email
    • Brief description of why you need a tent


Once HOWA has this initial information, we will walk you through the larger application process for a tent.

Sent to HOWA’s eFund Coordinator from a client who was sent an application a few days prior.

Hi Tracey,
I want to thank you so much for your service. It is invaluable to us who live on the road. I want you to know that your response to offer help gave me the calm in my heart to slow down and take a moment to fix my car myself. As well I just happened to be near an old friend who let me stay in her driveway while I talked with mechanics and waited for parts. I was able to diagnose the issue as a misfire and order the necessary coil packs as well as swap them out. Gratefully that was the issue.

At this juncture I don’t need the assistance any longer. May your services help another nomad who is in need. I would like to keep knowing you are out there in case I were to be in a similar situation in the future…

Thank you again. So incredibly grateful you are energetically supporting us out here.

Big love

From an eFund Client:

“my gosh !! The most heart warming biggest virtual hugs sqeezed with so much GRATITUDE to every single hard working dedicated member of the HOWA team,  community, TRIBE!! I feel truly blessed to be a part of. THANK YOU!!!

I will be on the phone in the morning to set up appointment with Tim and will let you know the date.      Best morning I’ve had in a long time thank you again.    Suzanne

A Thank You from an eFund Grantee:

I want to thank you very much for your generosity. Some might think it not a large amount, but I do not. For me in my situation, this is wonderful…

… Now I’d like to ask, though not in a situation yet where I can, When I can, how can I best help to give back to other nomads needing help? I don’t like to leave things to last minute, so want to know how I can start planning and preparing to help, now. I do have budgeted for August 21 to save $100 each month if possible, and though not much, could start giving out of that, back financially. As well, are there other ways I can start contributing? Thank you again so very much …

… I also want to ask if you would, wherever/whomever the funds came from, to Please give them (and yourself for all your patience and help), a HUGE and very sincere, Thank you and God Bless You all. I will use this wisely and carefully, and truly appreciate it. There is no way I won’t be at the October gathering, assisting however I can…   Brenda

Last updated December 18, 2023

8/15/2019 Two (2) Tires purchased and Installed      $389.29
8/22/2019 Brakes and Coolant      $576.57
8/27/2019 Heater Hose Assembly      $245.08
8/29/2019 Tires      $250.00
9/9/2019 Battery      $184.80
9/11/2019 Fuel Pump, Manifold Gasket & Other Repairs      $879.37
9/11/2019 Vehicle Repairs      $301.55
9/26/2019 Rebuilt Starter Repairs      $364.59
10/1/2019 Gas Fund      $100.00
10/1/2019 Purchased Applicant a Gazelle Loaner Tent      $268.99
10/9/2019 Portable Generator      $729.95
10/10/2019 Diagnostic for Repairs needed        $77.90
10/16/2019 Brake Pads and Drum      $385.62
11/22/2019 Gas for heat to keep warm        $50.00
11/27/2019 Winter Coat and Butane to keep warm      $100.00
12/3/2019 Vehicle Repairs   $1,150.85
12/5/2019 Tow vehicle to Repair Shop for Estimate      $222.48
12/16/2019 Donation into Client’s GoFundMe Campaign      $100.00
12/20/2019 Donation into Client’s GoFundMe Campaign      $100.00
12/24/2019 Vehicle Repairs      $304.68
12/29/2019 Compassion Grant      $100.00
12/30/2019 Compassion Grant      $100.00
1/3/2020 Donation into Client’s GoFundMe Campaign      $100.00
1/23/2020 Tires      $200.00
1/28/2020 Compassion Grant      $100.00
1/31/2020 Donation into Client’s GoFundMe Campaign      $100.00
2/4/2020 Vehicle Repairs   $1,300.00
2/22/2020 Compassion Grant      $100.00
2/25/2020 Parts for Vehicle Repairs      $401.45
3/5/2020 Purchased Applicant a Gazelle Loaner Tent      $308.27
3/10/2020 Diagnostic Test and Repairs      $400.00
3/21/2020 Compassion Grant      $100.00
3/21/2020 Gas Fund      $100.00
3/21/2020 Two (2) Tires purchased and Installed      $148.75
3/21/2020 Compassion Grant      $100.00
3/31/2020 Compassion Grant      $100.00
4/3/2020 Gas Fund       $85.00
4/13/2020 Compassion Grant      $100.00
4/15/2020 Compassion Grant      $100.00
4/17/2020 Compassion Grant      $100.00
4/21/2020 Vehicle Repairs      $552.12
5/2/2020 Compassion Grant      $100.00
5/8/2020 Compassion Grant      $100.00
5/16/2020 Compassion Grant      $100.00
5/28/2020 Vehicle Repairs      $530.93
6/21/2020 Compassion Grant      $100.00
7/25/2020 Compassion Grant      $100.00
8/7/2020 Food and Gas Fund      $200.00
8/15/2020 GoFundMe Campaign Donation      $100.00
8/22/2020 Vehicle Repairs      $386.90
9/14/2020 Compassion Grant      $100.00
9/19/2020 Compassion Grant      $100.00
 9/27/2020 Compassion Grant      $100.00
11/14/2020 Compassion Grant      $100.00
11/26/2020 Compassion Grant      $100.00
12/07/2020 Compassion Grant      $100.00
12/07/2020 Battery and Smart Box             Donated Items
12/07/2020 Compassion Grant      $100.00
12/17/2020 Compassion Grant      $100.00
12/22/2020 Vehicle Repairs      $821.76
12/26/2020 Steering System Repair      $513.53
12/29/2020 Compassion Grant      $100.00
01/01/2021 Carbon Monoxide Detector, Blanket, and Funds for Warm Clothing      $239.82
01/09/2021 Vehicle Repair      $640.53
01/25/2021 Compassion Grant      $100.00
01/27/2021 Compassion Grant      $100.00
01/28/2021 Compassion Grant      $100.00
02/03/2021 Vehicle Repairs     $1400.00
02/12/2021 Compassion Grant      $100.00
02/18/2021 Compassion Grant      $100.00
02/24/2021 Windshield Replacement      $294.00
03/18/2021 Tow and Transmission Repair      $875.00
03/20/2021 Compassion Grant      $100.00
03/24/2021 Head Gasket    $1093.04
03/30/2021 Rebuilt Transmission    $1500.00
03/31/2021 New Control Arm and Starter      $660.19
04/10/2021 New Alternator      $390.70
04/28/2021 Estimate for Repairs      $175.00
04/29/2021 Compassion/Covid Grant      $200.00
04/30/2021 Repairs      $235.00
05/03/2021 Transmission Repair      $606.08
05/03/2021 Rebuilt Transmission    $1500.00
05/16/2021 Compassion Grant      $100.00
05/30/2021 Vehicle Repairs      $780.62
06/04/2021 Vehicle Repairs      $797.15
06/07/2021 Compassion/Covid Grant      $200.00
06/09/2021 Compassion/Covid Grant      $200.00
06/19/2021 Tire and Compassion Grant      $267.41
06/18/2021 Tires and Alignment      $669.61
06/20/2021 Compassion Grant      $100.00
07/08/2021 Compassion Grant      $100.00
07/09/2021 Diagnosis of Electrical problems      $200.00
07/12/2021 Radiator Repairs    $1500.00
07/30/2021 Repairs    $1500.00
08/09/2021 Axel Repairs      $859.47
08/14/2021 Electrical Repairs      $829.65
08/23/2021 Wheel Bearings and Engine Mount    $1500.00
08/28/2021 Compassion Fund, Catalytic Converter      $837.00
08/30/2021 Transmission Repairs    $1110.71
09/03/2021 Transmission Repairs    $1400.00
09/05/2021 Compassion Grant      $100.00
o9/10/2021 Compassion Grant, Tires, Ball Joints    $1229.19
09/11/2021 Compassion Grant      $100.00
09/16/2021 Compassion/Covid Grant      $200.00
09/22/2021 Transmission Repairs    $1500.00
09/25/2021 Gas and Food      $250.00
09/27/2021 Gas      $150.00
10/03/2021 Compassion Grant      $100.00
10/11/2021 Compassion Grant      $100.00
10/13/2021 Compassion Grant      $100.00
10/17/2021 Compassion Grant      $100.00
10/26/2021 Fuel Injector Repair      $255.20
11/04/2021 Control Arms, Tie Rods, Alignment    $1290.90
11/09/2021 Head Gasket Repairs    $1499.00
11/20/2021 Computer Component for Van       $340.38
12/03/2021 New Alternator       $504.24
12/11/2021 Compassion/Covid Grant       $200.00
12/14/2021 Compassion Grant       $100.00
01/01/2022 Gazelle Tent and Stakes       $396.12
01/19/2022 Compassion/Covid Grant       $200.00
01/20/2022 Compassion Grant       $100.00
02/03/2022 Estimate for Repairs        $198.74
02/16/2022 Compassion Grant        $100.00
02/18/2022 Repairs to Misfiring Engine        $436.40
02/17/2022 Compassion Grant, 15W Solar Panel, Two Donated Battery Bricks        $153.79
02/19/2022 Vaneventi Tent        $210.05
03/07/2022 Compassion Grant        $100.00
03/13/2022 Compassion Grant        $100.00
03/14/2022 Compassion Grant        $100.00
03/22/2022 Compassion/Covid Grant        $200.00
03/23/2022 Compassion Grant        $100.00
04/27/2022 Gas           $25.00
05/9/2022 Compassion Grant        $100.00
05/26/2022 Compassion/Covid Grant        $200.00
05/28/2022 Wheel Bearing Repair        $678.46
06/14/2022 Compassion Grant        $100.00
06/14/2022 Repair Fuel Leak        $339.68
06/17/2022 Replace Spark Plugs, Coil,Headlight        $624.95
06/27/2022 Windshield Replacement        $220.93
07/12/2022 Compassion Grant        $100.00
07/14/2022 Compassion/Covid Grant        $200.00
07/19/2022 Compassion Grant        $100.00
07/22/2022 Aluminet and Pet Cooling Pads        $465.26
07/23/2022 Rebuilt Transmission Installation       $1500.00
08/06/2022 Compassion/Covid Grant         $200.00
08/11/2022 Compassion Grant         $100.00
08/18/2022 Compassion Grant         $100.00
08/29/2022 Brakes         $968.17
08/28/2022 Compassion Grant         $100.00
08/30/2022 Compassion Grant         $100.00
08/30/2022 Additional to 8/26 Brake Work         $140.20
08/30/2022 Compassion Grant         $100.00
09/21/2022 Diagnosis of Oil leak          $150.42
09/29/2022 Additional Diagnosis for Oil leak          $150.42
09/26/2022 Compassion Grant          $100.00
10/02/2022 Compassion Grant          $100.00
10/18/2022 Transmission Repair        $1500.00
10/24/2022 Tow to Repair shop          $350.00
11/18/2022 Gazelle Tent, Rebar Stakes, Covid Grant           $573.92
11/23/2022 Front End Repairs         $1480.32
11/19/2022 Gazelle Tent and Rebar Stakes           $429.84
12/15/2022 Compassion Grant           $100.00
12/22/2022 Compassion Grant           $100.00
01/21/2023 Compassion Grant           $100.00
01/26/2023 Compassion Grant           $100.00
01/29/2023 Compassion Grant           $100.00
02/15/2023 Clutch Repair          $1089.36
02/17/2023 Radiator  Replacement            $789.63
03/02/2023 Power Steering/Gear Box Repairs            $670.68
03/02/2023 Spark Plug/Coil Replacement.            $523.02
03/08/2023 Rear Differential Repair          $1342.10
03/28/2023 Compassion Grant            $150.00
03/21/2023 Labor to Replace Transmission            $790.00
03/28/2023 Transmission Repair           $1050.00
03/30/2023 Rear Differential Repair           $1342.10
04/01/2023 Compassion Grant            $100.00
04/10/2023 Power Steering/ Gear Box Repair            $378.96
04/11/2023 U-Joint Repairs             $511.29
04/21/2023 Compassion Grant            $100.00
04/21/2023 Compassion Grant            $100.00
05/23/2023 Oil Leak Repair           $1500.00
06/16/2023 Compassion Grant             $100.00
06/30/2023 Wheel Bearings            $815.73
07/08/2023 Compassion Grant            $100.00
08/14/2023 Compassion Grant            $100.00
08/18/2023 Compassion Grant and Bus Fare            $200.00
08/27/2023 Compassion Grant            $100.00
09/28/2023 Compassion Grant            $100.00
09/29/2023 Compassion Grant            $100.00
10/04/2023 Thermostat, Coolant Flush, Radiator Cap            $777.18
10/05/2023 Compassion Grant             $100.00
10/20/2023 Compassion Grant             $100.00
10/24/2023 Tires and Battery             $575.41
10/30/2023 Gas/Grocery to Return to Job Location            $200.00
11/11/2023 Compassion Grant             $100.00
11/28/2023 Transmission Rebuild           $1500.00
12/07/2023 Compassion Grant             $100.00
12/07/2023 Radiator Repair             $439.10
12/13/2023 Signal Wire Repair             $684.00
12/15/2023 Food and Fuel            $200.00
12/18/2023 Compassion Grant             $100.00
12/21/2923 Gazelle Tent and Rebar Stakes             $354,58
12/22/2023 Covid/Compassion Grant             $200.0
12/25/2023 Sleeping Bag               $63.59
12/31/2023 Compassion Grant             $100.00
01/01/2024 Compassion Grant (two people)            $200.00
01/03/2024 Compassion Grant            $100.00
TOTAL FUNDS GRANTED        $77,670.35


  • For mechanical repairs, payments are made directly to the mechanic shop.
  • HOWA’s processes for granting emergency funds follows Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).

HOWA is honored to serve Nomads in emergency situations.  We also are very grateful for the generous contributors who make it all possible.  Indeed, HOWA works to meet the following constraints:

    1. Serve Nomads who are in emergency need to the greatest extent possible,
    2. Follow donors’ intent per the Guidelines of the Nomad Emergency Fund and Tent Programs, and
    3. Abide by the best practices and laws that govern 501(c)3 charitable nonprofit organizations.

Your contributions allow HOWA to help those in the mobile community
who have nowhere else to get the assistance they need.

Click Here to Donate to Emergency & Tent Programs

At least 90% of your contributions directly assist those in need within in the mobile community.  The remaining percentage goes toward operating expenses for the Emergency Fund & Tent Programs.  If you do not want your contribution distributed in this manner, please make a note with your donation, and we will follow your wishes.  Thank you!

Together, we are changing lives.