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Become a HOWA Patron at to help us create safe and secure homes on wheels for people in need.

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    Other Opportunities to Support Homes On Wheels Alliance

    Donate Your Vehicle to Homes On Wheels Alliance

    Donated Minivans, Cars, SUVs, and Trucks will go directly to someone who needs a safe and secure home on wheels. Consider donating and delivering your vehicle to HOWA during our next build event. We need vehicles that are in good physical and mechanical condition, less than 20 years old, with less than 100,000 miles. Contact us at about your vehicle gift, an IRS tax-deductible eligible donation. 

    All other donated vehicles, running or not, go through our partner CARS (Charitable Adult Rides & Services) with HOWA receiving 30% of the revenue from the gross proceeds. We’ll even take airplanes and large machinery, as long as it has an engine and is in one piece. You, the donor, get free pick-up and a tax receipt. Go to and enter Homes on Wheels Alliance in the “Search Charity” box or call 855-500-7433 for more information. 


    Contribute to the Emergency Fund to help Nomads in Need

    If you would like to learn more about HOWA’s Nomad Emergency Fund and Tent Programs, click here to go to that webpage.


    To Help HOWA Provide Safe & Secure Shelter

    To donate to help provide safe and secure homes on wheels for those on the edge of homelessness, go to HOWA’s Fundraising Campaign specifically for the Build Program. Together we are changing lives, building community, and preventing homelessness one person at a time.  Thank you!

    HOWA Swag!

    Purchase the latest HOWA Merchandise at HOWA’s online store at

    Purchase Classic HOWA Merchandise through CheapRVLiving’s online store.  All proceeds donated to HOWA.


    HOMES ON WHEELS ALLIANCE, INC. ,Tel: 775.764.8115,, is a 501(c)3 charitable organization registered with the Nevada Secretary of State, pursuant to Title NRA 82A.200. Its purpose is to assist seniors and the working poor with securing unconventional housing as shelter. Contributions may be tax deductible pursuant to provisions of Sec. 170(c) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, 26 U.S.C.§170(c).  Tax ID#: 831688307