Emergency Fund and Loaner Tents for Nomads

The unexpected happens to all of us.  If you need a temporary tent shelter and are in the Quartzsite area, we want to help you.  Or, if you are experiencing an emergency situation and are a nomad, we want to help you.  Click here.


Applications are currently closed for a Minivan Home On Wheels
     — Come back in February or March to apply for the Spring event

Thank you for allowing us at Homes on Wheels Alliance the opportunity to help you in your time of need. Each of us have been in a position where we also needed help and we are very grateful there was someone there who cared enough to help—to pay it forward, we want to offer you that same assistance in your time of need. Sadly, asking for help has become a mark of shame in modern America, but we think that is a terrible mistake. We believe that willingly asking for help in a time of need, and joyfully giving it, are the true hallmarks of what it means to be a true human being.  (Select link below to continue reading.)

For information, instructions, and the application, click here!



The Caravans provide a place to camp with other nomads year around. Participants typically find informal opportunities to learn and practice their new mobile-living skills, make friends, and have fun. The usual pattern for a Caravan Group is to camp on Public Land for 14 days, then move to camp at another place for 14 days, and so forth. HOWA staff publish the camp locations on Meetup where individuals RSVP prior to arrival to assure enough room for everyone. Camping is free and no amenities are provided. Please join us! Important note: The Caravans follow the Leave No Trace Principles. Click here for Questions & Answers about the Caravans.

NOTICE:  To help reduce the spread of COVID-19, Homes On Wheels Alliance (HOWA) has canceled the April, May, and June 2020 Caravans.  If possible, we will resume with one Caravan in the Pacific Northwest in July.  Check status in Meetup.

While we social distance, HOWA added Virtual Caravans — Campfires, Coffees, Connections, and Classes — as a way for nomads to have community.  Use Meetup to RSVP to these Zoom events.   

For the latest information about HOWA’s response to COVID-19, go to http://HomesOnWheelsAlliance.org/COVID-19.


Giving Back

Every client we help will be encouraged to give back to the level of their ability. This program will develop a list of opportunities that every person involved in the program can participate in to serve others in love. We are building a tribe and the foundation of every tribe is generosity and gratitude as its highest value. To those that receive, development of an attitude of generosity and giving back is a requirement for participation in Homes On Wheels Alliance.


Rubber Tramp Rendezvous (RTRs)

  • The Rubber Tramp Rendezvous (RTR and Women’s RTR) are gatherings in the desert southwest every winter. Since 2011 we have gathered in Quartzsite, AZ in January. These gatherings are where nomads come together for community, to make new friends and re-connect with old. In addition, we come together to help each other learn the skills to create our home on wheels, thrive as a nomad, and to honor the public lands where we camp. The RTRs have grown from a small gathering of 40, to an amazing happening of thousands of like-minded travelers. The 2020 event will be our 10th Anniversary!
  • For current information about the Rubber Tramp Rendezvous (RTR and WRTR), click here!


Land Acquisition

Acquired either through generous donations or outright purchase (as money allows). Thank you to Linda May for gifting HOWA with her 5 acres in Douglas, AZ. Linda’s land has already hosted Caravans during the Spring Quarter 2019.


Your contribution will go towards purchasing land for Homes On Wheels Alliance to:

  • Hold gatherings such as the Rubber Tramp Rendezvous,
  • Offer training for new nomads to learn the skills needed to succeed in the lifestyle,
  • Invite Caravan Groups to stay for a time,
  • Build out vans and trailers, recondition RVs to become safe and secure homes for those in need, and
  • Assist nomads to improve their current vehicle dwelling (build bed/cabinets, make mechanical repairs, install solar, sew bedding/curtains, etc.), and 
  • Join with other organizations and individuals to hold gatherings in support of the larger mobile community.

If interested in helping us find land, here are some requirements:

  • Within an easy drive to town for supplies, groceries, water, trash disposal, mail/package delivery, and
  • Cell data service (Verizon, AT&T, or T-Mobile), and
  • Accessible, or could be made accessible to cars, vans, and long/large RVs, and
  • A good chance that the county allows or would approve the uses listed above.


If land is to be used for large gatherings, also need:

  • At least 100 acres, preferably more, OR
  • At least 30 acres within easy access to free dispersed camping for participants, AND

Longer Term Goal:

  • Land for long-term stay, like a rustic RV park, for “retired” nomads with a community center for water, trash disposal, laundry, in-door activities, showers,  bathrooms, RV dump

If you have researched and found some land that could work for HOWA, please email us a HomesOnWheelsAlliance@gmail.com to let us know about it.  


Completed Projects and Future Programs


Update on eBike and Solar Kit Grants, May 2020

After the April Build Out was canceled due to COVID-19, HOWA found other ways to help the community that didn’t require bringing large groups of volunteers together.   HOWA announced applications for ebikes and 12v power systems in early April.

Sal and Harely both received an eBike based on their need for alternative transportation.  Thank you Lectric eBikes for your generous donations and for the help you provided to these nomads.

Vivian and Diane were the recipients of two complete solar panel kits.  As nomads, each lacked the power they needed.  Thank you to the friends and family who helped Vivian and Diane install their solar power systems.  And thank you so much to Santan Solar for their 245W panels, and Renogy for providing such a great discount for HOWA to purchase the charge controllers and other components to complete their kits.  Finally, thank you to the private anonymous donor for their contribution of the four almost-new 6V batteries (2 each) for their power storage.

Last, due to a gift from an anonymous donor of a used Kodiak solar generator with a 100W panel, Sara received that system in order to have sufficient power to be a nomad with her SUV and trailer. 

Update on Build Out Projects and Solar Panel Awards

The Build Out in October 2019 was a Huge Success with Four Homes on Wheels Turned over to Deserving Recipients

 Lesa was the recipient of a minivan. 

Tim was the recipient of the school bus.  Tim is a big- hearted master-mechanic-volunteer for HOWA who will continue to help the mobile community from Hannah.

Mother and son, Danyel and Jaymes, were the recipients of the cargo trailer. 

Married couple, Frank and Julie, were the recipients of the TAB trailer.

Forty solar kits including a 245W panel, charge controller, wiring, mounting hardware, fuses, connectors, etc. were awarded in Nov, 2019.


Unfortunately, our society often fails to teach basic practical skills. This program will find experts and set up classes to teach our clients those skills, such as: budgeting, vehicle maintenance, sewing, construction skills, solar power and cellular/internet communications.

Social Services Referrals

Some of our clients will need to take full advantage of all social network opportunities available to them, for that we’ll connect them to appropriate Social Service Agencies and other nonprofit organizations for assistance.

Vehicle Operations

We plan to 1) acquire vehicles for people to live, (donations and purchases) 2) make necessary repairs and upgrades to prepare the vehicle to live in  3) develop a network of mechanics across the country to maintain the vehicle once they are donated to our client base.  

Job Leads and Training Program

For our clients able and needing to work, we’ll provide job training and leads on opportunities.


Because of the scope of our objectives, we’ll need to develop good communication practices and resources with our clients, volunteers, donors and the media.