The Benefits of Volunteering

(Lonnie installing insulation and a ceiling in Elizabeth’s van)

Volunteering for HOWA helps nomads in need in many ways but it’s also very rewarding for the volunteers. Studies show that volunteering creates a feeling of well being and accomplishment. Solving problems and interacting with other people can lower stress and stimulate brain activity. Volunteers report feeling healthier and happier when they are involved in helping others. An added benefit for BYOV  and RTR volunteers is the community that is created when we come together in the desert to share the work and fun. Lifelong friendships are made at every gathering.

If you would like to volunteer for a BYOV or RTR event please click HERE. The information will be updated for each new event so check the linked page in the weeks leading up to an event. All skill levels are needed and you can volunteer for a day or several weeks, whatever fits into your schedule.

BYOV April 2022 volunteers share their thoughts:  

Mike: I love helping people. It gives me joy as I travel on the road to see others having joy as they start on the road.
Sarah Meg: I think one of the things that is wonderful about HOWA is that those of us who don’t have enough can get what we need and those of us who have excess can give back.
Rob: Volunteering is the most fun thing to do. It’s not like work at all. It’s fantastic. I wish I had know this earlier in life.
Kika: ...with our love and time we can accomplish anything that we want to.
Cathy: I wanted to give back. What bigger difference can you make than building someone’s bed or giving them power. It’s huge.
Deb: Being part of an experience where you are improving someone’s literal home is magical.
Jeannene: We wanted to come to help because that way they have some hope and I think HOWA gives people a lot of hope.
Bob: I‘m having the time of my life. And when you see the people that you are helping, how happy they are, you go home every night feeling great.
Chelsea: I’m finally at a point in my life that I can come and support some people out here just trying to live this great lifestyle. HOWA and CVRL were really helpful to me.
David: As soon as the BYOV came up I hit the volunteer list because I got help similar to that in times past and I just wanted to pass it on.
Kristy: What drew me to volunteer for HOWA – the desire to give back… because they loaned me a tent…and they really saved me when I needed help so I figure if I can come and contribute in some small way I most certainly will!
Stephen: It’s very humbling to be part of this. I’m hoping other people will be encouraged to volunteer for this event in the future.

These are just a few of the many volunteers who were at the April 2022 BYOV. We are grateful for all of the wonderful volunteers who made the BYOV so successful and also the volunteers who give their time and labor so that we can continue the RTRs and other programs that benefit our fellow nomads. Thank you!

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