2024 Rubber Tramp Rendezvous!

The first day of the WRTR  was cold and windy but that did not deter the intrepid women who gathered at the Quartzsite Town Park to attend the seminars on nomad safety, hygiene, and off road travel. A generous donation from Columbia Sportswear and an anonymous donor allowed us to distribute puffer and fleece jackets plus hats, gloves, and warm socks to grateful attendees who could not afford to purchase them on their own.


The next day the sun came out and the weather for the rest of the WRTR and RTR was beautiful. Attendees enjoyed interesting seminars; live music; making new friends; meeting Bob, trustees, and staff; viewing open homes; making crafts; and playing games. Food was available at the food carts, the free pile yielded good finds, and a group of volunteers with sewing machines made 100s of repairs. 





There was plenty of room on the ball field even on the days of the most popular seminars when attendance hit 500 people.  Social distancing space was still available for those who wanted or needed it.

Thank you to our supporters and donors! We are very grateful to Columbia for the donated winter gear and Marie Griggs Krause for the quilt donation.  We teamed with Escapees this year and they offered a free membership as a door prize.

A special thank you to the volunteers who show up every year to help make these important events possible! You can help too.  Please Donate!