We Care in Pahrump, NV

  A generous Community Grant of $3,000 from Walmart was distributed as $50 gifts to nomads in need through HOWA’s We Care Program. Volunteers gathered in Pahrump on April 1st to hand out the gifts. All coronavirus precautions were observed with a drive-through, masks, and plenty of hand sanitizer.  Big smiles could be seen all around in spite of the masks!

To contribute toward HOWA’s next We Care event during the 2021 fall/winter holidays, please go to http://HOWA.rallyup.com/HOWACares.

Thank you Walmart!


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    Wendy H. says

    I was amazed at the ingenuity of fellow RV-ers who lived and worked seasonally (or full-time) at a National Park where I was a “newbie” to the type of nomadic life owning an RV afforded fellow Seniors. Long, sometimes grueling work shifts were counter-balanced by potluck campfires, hiking and biking opportunities to explore the beauty of nature in a way others could only plan for and squeeze in during a few days of vacation. For me, this was a post-retirement dream, to travel and lead interpretive tours in some of the most wonderful places on earth, in the U.S. National Park system. I also found out how important “home” was, during the off-seasons, and how lucky I was to have a house to return to, during the precarious financial times and bitter winters. I would not have wanted to miss this slice of life, and am eternally grateful for the experiences I had.

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