Linda May’s Land Donation

Hi everyone. I want to share some really cool news about a gift of land to Homes On Wheels Alliance (HOWA). Linda May, the protagonist in Jessica Bruder’s “Nomadland and one of the co-stars in the upcoming movie of the same name, donated her 5 acres in Douglas, Arizona to HOWA! Most wonderfully, hours after Linda and company departed for their new home in Taos, our first Caravan participants arrived. Everyone loves how peaceful and quiet it is here.

Thank you Linda. You are a real treasure in our community.

Our long term plans for Linda May’s place is a Training Center, which is basically a combination between a small Rubber Tramp Rendezvous and the Caravans. I’ve already started working with County Planners to make it happen, contingent on Planning and Zoning Commission approval next year. (Note: HOWA’s Board of Trustees has accepted the transfer of the Caravans from CheapRVLiving to HOWA.)

Suanne Carlson, Executive Director, Homes On Wheels Alliance, April 1, 2019


  1. Linda Sulpacio says

    Wow! I am so proud of Linda May! What an amazing contribution to the future of HOWA!

  2. Linda Sulpacio says

    I am reading the book, suggested by Bob Wells, Nomadland, I can’t stop reading it. Linda May and Jessica Bruder connected into a beautiful friendship. Thank you, Jessica for writing the book and Linda fir being an authentic human being!

    • Christine Reidy says

      I loved the book also. I didn’t want it to end. It is a book to always treasure. I feel like I know all the people without meeting them, and I can see myself living this way down the road, as financially it may be the best option. It is comforting to know there is a tribe like this that exists.

  3. Libby Hoops says

    I just finished reading Nomadland and Googled to find if Linda May had built her Earthship. Wonderful that she has donated her land but what is she doing? Did she buy and build in New Mexico? Thank you for starting this alliance. I will make a donation. My daughter is working with a project in Denver that allows parking for vandwellers and other houseless people. Can’t imagine what the numbers are now with the Pandemic, no, not the Pandemic but the Powers that Be, allowing people to go homeless and hungry in the richest country the world has known.

  4. Linda Brown says

    I just finished Nomadland…OMG… written so we I was brought to tears a few times especially knowing how our big Corporations pay so poorly and offer no amenities for the vandwellers. I have a sign in my home not all that wander are lost…I’m close to retiring and was looking forward to be a wanderer…I’m happy to know there are good people out there doing the same and surviving. Jessica you are a exceptional reporter with a loving heart. Linda God blessed you with your spirit and determination…good luck to you girlfriend 😁

  5. Marty Wilson says

    Linda was mentioned on the Golden Globes! I hope HOW is moving along with plans for the land. It sounds fantastic. I look forward to being of help in anyway I can.

    • Gigi Wolf says

      I don’t understand. I devoured the book, and the main hook that keeps the reader involved until the end was the promise of Linda building her Earthship and achieving her dream. And now, she’s given it away?

      • Phyllis says

        Because of the book and the movie, Linda May was able to purchase some land in an area that is more useable year round. Because she supports the mission and she thought the property could be used for some of the programs, she did donated the five acre plot to Homes On Wheels Alliance. I believe she still has the intent of building an earthship home.

  6. Lorne says

    Just finished reading Nomadland, Tightrope and Homeland Elegies. Seems like more needs to be done to transfer the wealth of the 1% to the rest of America.

  7. Jessia Paripovich says

    Did you hear about Chloe Zhao winning an Oscar? She won best director as the first Chinese woman to ever receive the award. She won for directing Nomadland. Nomadland also took best picture.

  8. Eileen Walsh says

    I agree. I kept reading to find out if Linda May got her earthship home & was left hanging. Why do authors do that? What happened to her dream & where is she living now.

  9. Colleen flynn says

    I read the book and saw the movie. Both great in their own ways. As for critisim of amazon. At least amazon is there for these van dwellers. Alot of companies would not take on working staff like them . Or employees of their age. There should be more companies willing to do the same. Where i live there is nothing like it

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