An Evening Potluck

Caravans are groups of people who choose to camp together during a published time. As a nomad, you don’t have to be alone out here. In the Caravans, participants make friends, have fun, and create community.

Vans, RVs and a car .. all types of rigs are welcome in the Caravans.

Caravans meet on public lands where dispersed camping is free. Typically, a Caravan Group will spend two weeks at a location and then move to another camp, satisfying BLM and National Forest Service (NFS) rules. Participants practice Leave No Trace ethics, where they carry everything out that they brought in.

Sunsets over a shared meal at the Caravan.

Recently, the Homes On Wheels Alliance Staff were camping in the same general area as one of the Caravan Groups — Pahrump, NV. So, we decided to share a meal and visit together one pleasant April evening. (See photos.)

Bob satisfied after his meal.

Caravans began under the auspices of CheapRVLiving. Shortly, Homes On Wheels Alliance will be assuming the program. The official switch-over date is July 1, which is the beginning of the summer quarter’s Caravan Program. To find where the Caravans are located and then RSVP, go to the Caravans group in Meetup.

Suanne enjoys chatting with Caravan participants.

Consider joining us!

By Suanne Carlson, Executive Director


  1. Laura says

    Love what you are doing Suanne and hope to meet up with you some day. Once I have more experience being a Vanlifer I may be able to help coordinate some Caravans here in Oregon. I was born and raised in and around Newport Oregon on the Coast and currently live in the Willamette Valley but I am heading East to higher elevation as a newbie where it’s cooler in the Cascade mountain range and hoping to make it eventually as far as Colorado and then the WRTR and RTR but just play it by ear as I go.

  2. Maggie says

    I would love to United enjoy a caravan

  3. Jeff Mindo says

    Is Bob smiling, 😂
    Do you have no alcohol caravans?

    • Phyllis says

      Hi Jeff,

      Currently, there are no restrictions on use of alcohol in the Caravans. That being said, the Caravans that I have attended are very calm and not boisterous. People may drink at the campfire or at any communal meals that get put together, but it all seems to be done responsibly and without incident. There have been a few other requests for alcohol-free Caravans, so who knows, perhaps that will be something that is organized in the future. Safe and Happy Travels!

  4. Corvis O’Cairien says

    Well, i stumbled upon Bob as he interviewed a guy out of NYC four months in on living out of MY favorite, Four Wheel Campers! I LOVED Bob’s interview!! I am one week in on gearing up same pop-up (Grandby model, on ‘93 F-250 Ford 4X extended cab). Currently in Sacramento, but eye on 395 & 50, to consider some caravans. Look forward to some desert sunsets with social group once in a blue moon, between solitary deep dark starry nights between.

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