We Got a MiniVan

Homes On Wheels Alliance purchased a first minivan to make into a home for someone in need.  Here is a short video clip of our little celebration just after picking it up.

Dinner at Dennys celebrating the purchase of a mini van to grant to someone in need through Homes On Wheels Alliance.

Posted by Bob Wells on Monday, May 20, 2019


  1. Karen Conger says

    Congrats! That’s something to celebrate!!!!!

  2. Marianne Ingles Brown says

    Congratulations ! Very exciting news. How satisfying it must be for Bob and Suanne to finally see the result of all their hard work in setting up the nonprofit and the alliance. Even though I haven’t found the means to hit the road I am full of hope that I will become a nomad soon. In the meantime I live the lifestyle vicariously every day through the forum and now the Homes on Wheels Alliance websites.

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