Celebrate, Then Measure

After our little celebration at Denny’s, we went right out and started measuring the minivan in the parking lot … taking pictures like proud parents of their first child.

Interior width, length and height were measure on our new-to-us 2000 Ford Windstar.

Fluids were again confirmed to be clean, without suspicious odors.

Looks like Bob and Suanne are discussing something serious with Cliff doing a walk-around on the minivan.

The build begins this week, as a small volunteer team assemble in the forest of southern Oregon.


  1. Julie McDowell says

    Please keep us posted! How exciting!

  2. Rick B says

    Fantastic. Please post updates.

  3. Marg McGill says

    I hope to travel in my mini van this summer. I think the design is well designed and should work great. You and your workers are doing a great thing as there are more and more people who cannot afford rent. I’m a senior and fortunate to have a condo and live on my cpp and oas (govt pensions ). In Canada. I have scrimped and saved after losing my marriage and my job in the late 80’s. I am going to do a practice run, hopefully to Prince Edward Island. Keep up the great work. You are keeping someone off the street.

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