Days One & Two — Minivan Build

After a hot dog BBQ, planning session during Day One, volunteers Tony and Karen made a run into town for lumber and supplies on Day Two.   The Model Minivan Build is off to a very productive start.

In the morning of Day One, the floor was put in.  (Cliff, James, and Kenny)


By evening, the bed was framed.  (Joni and Cliff, with Bob video taping at the side door)


We really have a very beautiful location for the minivan build.  (Phyllis’ place)


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    denise HOSNER says

    I’m curious about insulation. Doesn’t that go in first?

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      Suanne Carlson says

      Denise, I will take a stab at answering to the best of my understanding.

      Full-size cargo vans would be insulated first.

      With the windows all around in a minivan, insulation on the lower walls didn’t make much sense as all plastic trim would need to be removed. The ceiling has duct work; so, insulation not possible there either. They chose not to insulate the floor as it makes little difference.

      Rather than insulating, many vandwellers will simply make sure they camp in temperate weather.

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    Martin Wright says

    Really nice what you guys are doing. Are you committed to custom build outs (id imagine to squeeze every inch) or if presented with a slide in module would you go with that if easier/efficient but maybe loose a little space by not following trim precisely?

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      Suanne Carlson says

      This is our first build for HOWA. We are learning, and may find that a slide in module is the way to go, especially with a full-size van where each square inch isn’t so valuable.

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    Vonbrown says

    ..and if the vehicle is beyond repair, you can just transfer the slide out to another vehicle. The recipient and thier belongings would never miss a beat, like it never happened.
    Just a passing thought.

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