Day Four — Minivan Build

Shelves begun under the hatch for a galley kitchen.


A view inside from the passenger-side sliding door.


Due to the generous contributions of our donors, HOWA purchased the build’s lumber, building supplies, solar power system components and related electronic parts.  Yet, to make this minivan a home, we need additional items to create a livable, safe and secure space.  So, we’ve put together an Amazon Wishlist for anyone else who would like to contribute to this inaugural build.  Consider taking part by purchasing something from the Minivan Build Wishlist — https://amzn.to/2JZ4J3C  Thank you for joining with us us to make this minivan a home-sweet-home for someone in need.  


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    Toni Mariani Author says

    You are wonderful, and I can’t wait to meet you. You are my inspiration, and I am Workamping on Cape Cod because of your videos! Hugs
    Toni Mariani, Author

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    Marianne Ingles Brown says

    The floor is beautiful. It’s such fun watching the progress of the build. I will make a contribution when I get my ss check.

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    robert w glover says

    I love what your Mr Bob wells . lol. From your friend Robert Glover. warner robins Georgia USA

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    bernyCoish says

    I also I also am affiliate through Amazon, I make good money through Amazon I have a Patreon channel and all that money goes to to the Home on Wheels Alliance nonprofit. I don’t really need it. And that’s a problem.

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