Days 6 & 7 — Minivan Build

For days six and seven of the build, we are putting the finishing touches on the wood construction, going into town to get shipments of wishlist items, and preparing to install the solar power systems and related electronics.  But, mostly, we are enjoying each others’ company, running errands, and taking care of personal business during this short down time.

Tony (inside) and Karen are putting the finishing touches on the wood construction … dog Cody is supervising.


Today we opened the first set of packages from the Amazon Wishlist.  Thank you everyone who is giving to the minivan build so generously.


When not working on the minivan, we’ve enjoyed meals and campfires together (Mario, Missy, Phyllis).


HOWA’s two best Executive Assistants, Phyllis and KC, with Kona getting a belly rub.


Suanne giving the dogs a little treat.  Cody and Kona say “mmmmm good!”


Marshmallows for desert.  John says “mmmmm good!”


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    Josh Crane says

    You all are doing outstanding work to better the lives of your fellow man! If ever there is a van build or caravan in/around the state of New York, I’ll be there!

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      Suanne Carlson says

      Thank you Josh!

  2. REPLY
    Sue says

    Such respect for all involved! I am impressed with how quickly HOWA came into existence, and is now building the first minivan. Wow, you all know how much work that took, I hope others understand that making the HOWA dream come true was a substantial amount of work. I look forward to being able to volunteer with HOWA and help others.

    Planning to be at the 2020 WRTR and RTR to provide whatever help I can. Thanks for the videos of the van build as they are giving others excellent ideas on what can be done in a small space.

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      Suanne Carlson says

      Thank you Sue. I hope you do make the RTRs!

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    Marianne Brown says

    Comments here and on the Vandweller Forum indicate HOWA is going to be an amazing influence on the economy for a long time to come. People are being inspired to take part and provide volunteer assistance, funds, encouragement and approval. I predict this will be a movement that sweeps across the country and grows and grows. It’s going to be exciting to watch the spirit of independence and self-reliance, combined with compassion and pride, that have always been the backbone of this country, take hold. Congratulations, Bob, Suanne, staff and volunteers. It’s a wonderful thing you’ve done.

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