Minivan Build Manual

There have been requests for more details on the prototype minivan build just completed by HOWA. The attached manual covers the basics of the materials and tools used, with photos and descriptions of how it all went together.

The manual covers the build on this Ford Windstar minivan. Dimensions will vary depending on the make and model of the van you are building as well as the next van that HOWA builds out. But the basic design, materials and tools used and listed in the manual will provide a good foundation for what is needed to accomplish a build like this one. 

Many thanks should be given to the volunteers that came together for three weeks in June to work together as a team to create this minivan home. Nomads brought their skills, experience, energy and tools to build together with compassion and thoughts of the person that will travel in this home on wheels.

Additionally, there were generous donors that purchased items from the Amazon Wishlist that was set up to outfit the interior of the minivan with living essentials such as the mattress, stove, totes and so on. 

There were MANY people that put their kindness and compassion to work to bring the minivan home into fruition.

Together We Are Changing Lives and Building Community!

Minivan Build Manual June 2019


  1. REPLY
    Stevie says

    Well Done!

    • REPLY
      Phyllis says

      Thank you Stevie!

  2. REPLY
    David says

    Where are the videos?

    • REPLY
      Phyllis says

      You can see some videos of the build on the blog page of the HomesOnWheelsAlliance.org website. They show daily updates on the build event.
      There are no other build videos to accompany the manual.

      • REPLY
        David says

        Do you have a link?
        I don’t find any videos except from about a month ago.

        • REPLY
          Phyllis says

          Here are the links to Bob’s YouTube videos on the build:
          Day 1 Vlog
          Day 2 Vlog
          Day 3 Vlog
          Day 5 Vlog

          These videos are from about one month ago because the build took place at that time and that is when the videos were recording the daily progress.

  3. REPLY
    Enid says

    You guys did a great job.

  4. REPLY
    Dee says

    This is sooooooo awesome!

  5. REPLY
    Tony says

    Thank you so much for the details and diagrams of the build with dimensions, I am hoping to do a similar build in a 2007 Dodge Town and Country with sto n go.
    Do you have any pics of the cooler location in your build? I’m curious as to where it could go?


    • REPLY
      Phyllis says

      Hi Tony! It is great that you are finding the manual useful. The cooler did not actually have a location to be tucked into. It primarily resides in the aisle or could be stashed near the side sliding door when sitting on the bed. Good luck on your van build and safe and happy travels.

  6. REPLY
    Diving Cyprus says

    We love your content. Regards from Pissouri Bay Divers from Cyprus.

  7. REPLY
    Dan Wil says

    Hello, Im New to Site’ i hava Kia mini van” me 61, Retired, M, Fixd income’ Thanks for ‘ Info. & videos” Building something more Comfortable’ being living within my van” Currently ‘ Same when got’ 1 yr. Now’ except’ Tubs/sleeping bag/ixe chest/ Great to see Others About & Good People As This Site, Sharing ‘ Making More Comfortable Living

  8. REPLY
    Lisa McMillian says

    Am looking for van so I can start van life ,I need help picking good reliable van so I can sleep and go to work,so I can start saving cause my body breaking down I won’t be able to keep working.please I need help

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