From Bob’s YouTube channel: Why I Started the RTR

“In 2008 when the economy crashed my website was in place. I started it in 2005 to answer all the questions, to help people, to inspire people to embrace the mobile life and to teach them how so if they’re forced into a car they could do it well and happily and not barely survive. When the economy crashed so many people lost their jobs and eventually lost their homes or apartments. They lost everything so they did a Google search – “How do I live in my car?”  My website was there. It was in place and it exploded in traffic. I heard from thousands of people through email, on the blog, on the forum and they all said “Bob what am I going to do? I’m going to be forced to live in a car.” I helped every single one of them in everyway I could and what started out of that was the desire to create a boot camp. I mean that literally – a boot camp. If you’re going be forced into your car how much better it is to go and meet a group of people who are also living in their cars, minivans, and vans and and have them help you and support you and show you okay, let’s fold your seat down and lay it out like this and we’ll put a board on it? I’ll help you cut the board or go buy the board for you and that way you can have a flat level bed or you need this to get water or this is how you’re going to have to go to the bathroom while you’re living in your car. It is all those questions which they had no answers for so the RTR is a boot camp for beginner nomads – people forced in their car, minivan van, people forced into tents. It is a support system for people who need help”

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    Vincent Lauren says

    I have wanted to travel for many years, i am 68, almost. I always allowed others to talk me out of it. I am a former business person. I had several homes, a thriving business, bank accounts full. I traveled with my wife all over. I had a great life. In 2008/2009 when the economy crashed almost all of my clients crashed, thus my business crashed big time, I too lost everything. My wife left when the money was all gone too. I did not and do not have the desire and go at it to try and get it all back again; it just took the life out of me. I ended up on the street and on peoples couches. Friends? what friends? They all left when the money left. I lived in my motor home for two years then sold it. Now I have another and live in it; this time for good. I love it I love to waunder and drop anchor where ever I want and when I want. I am happy to find this site so that I might connect with others who love to travel and waunder all over.
    I will be happy, I did, to donate to your cause. Been there in that situation, did that.

    Thumbs up to you and everyone

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