A Helping Hand

The Emergency Fund team reviews many requests and when it’s not possible to grant money for large repairs a compassion fund is often awarded to provide help in a smaller way. The following is a heartfelt letter of thanks from John.
“One of the big lessons I’ve learned from being nearly four years on the road is this: Even when things get lonely out there, we are never truly alone. In some mysterious way, we are all connected.

Recently, on a trip to visit family, I encountered a series of mechanical problems in my “new” old van. The repair bills ate through my savings and left me in debt. Not since my heart surgery more than four years earlier had things seemed so bleak.

Fortunately, friends and family came through for me. I now include HOWA as part of friends and family. They found a way to help me out with a small “compassionate” grant.

See? We’re never alone. We’re all in this together, and HOWA is part of that. Looking forward to seeing you all back on the road.


Apprentice Wise Elder”


  1. Kathy tomko says

    I want to live on the road, I need help

    • Phyllis says

      It is difficult to respond to your comment since it is so broad. It sounds like you are just at the point of getting started. If that is the case, I recommend you spend time watching Bob Wells YouTube channel and the Homes On Wheels Alliance YouTube channel. Here are the links:

      By watching these videos you can learn more about what it takes and what it is like to be living on the road.

      The next thing I would suggest is that you get into some of the Zoom meetings were people come together to talk about and learn about the nomad life. To do that, go to this app:

      By making a small profile for yourself you can RSVP to some of our groups and then you will get a link to a Zoom meeting. Once in Zoom you will be able to see and meet others who want to be on the road and those that already living on the road.

      I wish you well. If you need more information, you are better off writing to:

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