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Being part of a community is important even when we cannot meet in person. HOWA’s Caravan Connections with Zoom meetings on Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, are a popular way to get to know fellow nomads. Everyone is welcome to join and participate! The Caravans use both Meetup and Zoom so participants must sign up for Zoom and Meetup.

 A few thoughts from a recent Sunday Morning Women’s Coffee Connection:



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    Janis says

    First time on site. Is this a stock photo or real nomad? I believe that truck cost more than I paid for my land & the woman looks like she can afford it. I was initially intrigued by what I read about your vision. If this is a representation of homes on wheels, I’m disappointed.

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      Phyllis says

      Hi Janis, It is a beautiful photo! It is a real nomad who travels in a cargo trailer she built out herself. She pulls it with the truck in the photo. It does look pretty amazing, I agree! She is a digital nomad and is able to work on the road. But, I think you will find that there are all sorts of people in our community. There are nomads that are struggling financially but there are also those that have a little more padding financially. There are young, old, men, women, working, retired, as well as car dwellers, van dwellers, and RV dwellers. There are also those that live in tents. Some live on public land and others stealth camp in town. There is quite a wide variety of all sorts and types. Some are outgoing and there are many introverts. I welcome you to explore more of the YouTube videos on the Homes On Wheels Alliance channel. You will see many more examples of the nomads in our community by visiting the CheapRVLiving YouTube channel and a host of others. Thanks for your comment!

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