2021 Rubber Tramp Rendezvous (RTR) & Women’s RTR

Putting the health and safety of our community first, the Rubber Tramp Rendezvous (RTR) and Women’s RTR classes will be online from January 14-20! Classes will taught by full-time nomads, coming to an electronic device near you! RTR classes include — Get a Work Camping Job, Solar Made Easy, Find Free Boondocking, Safety Information, Tips to Downsize, How to Find Community (during COVID), and more. Women’s RTR classes include Personal Hygiene for Women and Women’s Safety. After each live class, attendees can ask questions of the presenters. More information about how to participate will be provided in the coming months.

Although HOWA is not organizing any in-person gatherings for legal and ethical reasons, we recognize that some in the mobile community will still want to camp together at their own risk. Consider connecting with others who share your level of COVID-related precautions by joining the Camp Together Facebook Group at http://facebook.com/groups/WeCampTogether

OR, the CheapRVLiving Forum at http://CheapRVLiving.com/forums. Use one or both of these venues to create your own personal camp. Although your arrangements to camp with others is unaffiliated with HOWA and the RTRs, we do recognize that community is important. Please use caution when participating in these unofficial camps. We want you and your camp mates to remain healthy and safe.

CheapRVLiving is a HOWA Sponsor