Rubber Tramp Rendezvous (RTR) & Women’s RTR (WRTR)

~ Hosted by Homes On Wheels Alliance (HOWA) ~

Putting the health and safety of our community first, the RTR and WRTR classes will be online from January 14-20!

The RTRs are FREE

Classes do not require a registration.

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“Welcome to the RTR & WRTR” Live Feed

Where to Watch Online Classes Live

To participate in the LIVE classes, go to the Homes On Wheels Alliance YouTube Channel at  The live classes include a real-time question and answer period.  Put your questions in the text chat to be answered by the presenter.

Where to Watch Online Classes Later

Each class will be recorded and available to view in it’s entirety, including the question and answers, at the Homes On Wheels Alliance YouTube Channel.  To watch a condensed version of each class, go to the CheapRVLiving YouTube Channel.  All proceeds earned by CheapRVLiving from the RTRs’ classes will be donated to Homes On Wheels Alliance.

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Schedule of Live Online Classes

If you can not read the schedule, please download the pdf at this link.


For the 2021 RTRs, we are focusing on strengthening old alliances and forging new ones.  In particular, we are working to connect with other YouTubers as collaborations benefit all channels involved.  We are very pleased to have so many YouTube Nomad Speakers present their expertise for you this year.  After all, “Alliance” is our last name!

Online Class


Web Site & Channel

Rubber Tramp Rendezvous (RTR)

Click for recorded class

Find Community & Camp Safely During Pandemic

Joni Zander

HOWA’s Secretary, Board of Trustees

Click for recorded class

Camping Etiquette — Campgrounds, Boondocking and Parks

Debra Dickinson


Joni Zander

HOWA’s Secretary, Board of Trustees

Click for recorded class

Work Camping Opportunities


The Best of Both Worlds

Brian Gifford

HOWA’s Treasurer, Board of Trustees


Linda Mastromonaco

Click for recorded class

Basic Safety

Dawn Harkness

Retired Criminal Lawyer

Click for recorded class

Basics of Boondocking

Abi Rodriguez

Click for recorded class

Basic Solar: the essentials for free off-grid power

Matt Knight

Click for recorded class

Mobile Internet Options

Chris Dunphy & Cherie Ve Ard

of Technomadia

Click for recorded class



Click for recorded class

How to Make Budgeting Fun

Kim Tanzer

YouTube:  RoamTownGirl

Recorded class available soon

Residency, Mail, and Drivers License

Bob Wells

HOWA’s Co-Founder & President, Board of Trustees; and Founder of the Rubber Tramp Rendezvous (RTR)

Women’s RTR (WRTR)

Click for recorded class

Basic Vehicle Maintenance for Women

Charlene Bower

Click for recorded class

Women’s Hygiene


YouTube: Lex and Riot

Wed. Jan 20, 10am MT

Women’s Safety

Phyllis Bickford HOWA Staff, Executive Assistant


Dawn Kelley

Join an Online Community

Connect with other participants from the RTRs every evening at 5pm Pacific Time / 6pm AZ Time.  Join in a one-hour interactive Zoom meeting.  RSVP for each Virtual Caravan Connection at  Virtual Caravan Connections continue four times each week after the RTRs complete.

Also, check out HOWA’s Facebook groups to connect with others in the mobile community:

Arrange to Camp Together

Although HOWA is not organizing any in-person gatherings for legal and ethical reasons, we recognize that some in the mobile community will still want to camp together at their own risk. Consider connecting with others who share your level of COVID-related precautions by joining the Camp Together Facebook Group at

OR, the CheapRVLiving Forum at Use one or both of these venues to create your own personal camp. Although your arrangements to camp with others is unaffiliated with HOWA and the RTRs, we do recognize that community is important. Please use caution when participating in these unofficial camps. We want you and your camp mates to remain healthy and safe.

Buy, Sell, Services, Free Stuff

Although we don’t have a physical bulletin board where people can offer items, assistance, sell goods, etc.  We do have a HOWA Marketplace on Facebook.  Here is a link to buy, sell, give for free, or find a real deal —

Win an eBike!

Support Homes On Wheels Alliance (HOWA) and buy some sweepstakes tickets to win an eBike, generously donated to HOWA by Lectric eBikes.  No purchase necessary to enter, must be 18 years or older to enter.  Drawing on January 28.  (Last day to buy tickets is Jan 21.)

Sponsors of the 2021 Online RTRs

Nomadland distributed by Searchlight PicturesLectric eBikes and CheapRVLiving are HOWA RTR Sponsors.

RTRs Committee & Volunteers

Your 2021 Online RTRs Committee includes HOWA Trustees and Staff Members — Joni Zander, Rhonda Catt, Susan Merrill, Bobbi Stice, Robert Wright, Phyllis Bickford, Suanne Carlson — and KC volunteering as technical support from CheapRVLiving.  They have been working since late October to bring a quality event to the mobile community.

In addition to all of our volunteer presenters, we have volunteer moderators in the live text chat during the classes.  These folks answered questions, prompted users, forwarded questions, and sometimes kept the peace.

Thanks you for everything you all did to serve our community during the 2021 Online RTRs.

Together we are changing lives and building community!