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Rubber Tramp Rendezvous (RTR)

Thurs. Jan 14, 10am MT

Find Community & Camp Safely During Pandemic

Joni Zander

HOWA’s Secretary, Board of Trustees


Thurs. Jan 14, 2pm MT

Camping Etiquette — Campgrounds, Boondocking and Parks

Debra Dickinson


Joni Zander

HOWA’s Secretary, Board of Trustees


Fri. Jan 15, 10am MT

Work Camping Opportunities


The Best of Both Worlds

Brian Gifford

HOWA’s Treasurer, Board of Trustees


Linda Mastromonaco


Fri. Jan 15, 2pm MT

Basic Safety

Dawn Harkness

Retired Criminal Lawyer



Sat. Jan 16, 10am MT

Basics of Boondocking

Abi Rodriguez



Sat. Jan 16, 2pm MT

Basic Solar: the essentials for free off-grid power

Matt Knight


Sun. Jan 17, 10am MT

Mobile Internet Options

Chris Dunphy & Cherie Ve Ard

Sun. Jan 17, 2pm MT



Mon. 18, 10am MT


Kim Tanzer

YouTube:  RoamTownGirl

Mon. 18, 2pm MT

Residency, Mail, and Drivers License

Bob Wells

Women’s RTR (WRTR)

Tues. Jan 19, 10am MT

Basic Vehicle Maintenance for Women

Charlene Bower

Tues. Jan 19, 2pm MT

Women’s Hygiene


YouTube: Lex and Riot

Wed. Jan 20, 10am MT

Women’s Safety

Phyllis Bickford


Dawn Kelley