2022 Rubber Tramp Rendezvous (RTR),
Women’s RTR (WRTR) & Online RTR

Venue:  Quartzsite Town Park Baseball Field, January 14-23.
HOWA YouTube Channel: Online RTRs, January 24-26

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Now to start planning for 2023!

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The RTRs are back in Quartzsite!  Attend the full gathering,
or join us for just part of it.  Enjoy community!

  • Camping on BLM Land around Quartzsite
  • Drive or Car Pool In for:
      Welcome all interested online casino players to our BLM Land campsite. Here you can enjoy a huge car park for classes and discussions, good dinners and casino games. Also in each car there are buttons with names made specially for online casino players.
    • Classes & Lunch Time Discussions
    •  Bulletin Boards to post if you have “Something to Give,” or “Something You Need”
    • Free Pile to donate or swap good-condition items for nomads …

      Questions and Answers about the RTRs. Click to play video.

      or just visit with others who are looking at all of the stuff

    • Bob’s Van

      on display, a HOWA sweepstakes fundraiser

    • Name Buttons at the Welcome Table, made for you on-demand
    • Free, no registration
  • Meet others who share a nomadic soul, newbies and seasoned alike

ABOUT COVID, and BOB, at the RTR

First and most importantly, we encourage you to do your own research for how to keep yourself COVID-safe at the Rubber Tramp Rendezvous (RTRs). HOWA recommends that you follow CDC’s guidelines for large outdoor gatherings; click here for a summary.

About Bob

Bob Wells has helped so many people, touching their lives in meaningful ways – on his CheapRVLiving Channel, at the RTR, and by his writings. So many come to the RTR just to see him, thank him, to shake his hand or give him a hug. Unfortunately, due to the surge in COVID, we have some disappointing news. But first …

… the good news is that Bob will be at the 2022 RTR talking with you from both the stage and ground. He does want to meet and chat with you a bit.

The disappointing news, because of COVID, is that he will maintain a distance from everyone to keep himself healthy. This means that some typical goings-on won’t happen, such as no handshakes or hugs, and no photos with him. We regret this necessity for safety’s sake.


Regarding your photo ops with Bob (and Cody) … please, don’t lose heart, we have a “Plan B” just for you.

Much gratitude to the many alliances — people & organizations — who make the 2022 RTRs a success.

Few RTRs Topics

COVID Safety Measures
~ Camping During the Event
~ Class & Discussion Topics
~ Parking at the RTRs
~ Dogs at the Event Location
~ Volunteering at the RTRs
~ RTRs Store – Stickers & Swag
~ Donate to support the RTRs

Bob at the 2019 RTR’s opening session.

2022 Dates & Times:

  • RTR:  Sunday January 16 – Sunday January 23
  • WRTR:  Friday January 14 – Saturday January 15
  • 8am MT Open
  • 5pm MT Close, except on last day, Sun Jan 23, close at Noon
  • Online RTRs Monday January 24 – Wednesday January 26 — HOWA YouTube Channel


Bob’s Van will be at the RTRs. Get your Sweepstakes Tickets to win it at


  • Sun Protection — sunscreen, hat, etc.
  • Water — lots, because it’s the desert
  • Layers of Clothing for expected weather
  • Chair to relax and participate in the classes/discussions
  • Lunch & Snacks, no food vendors
  • Poop Bags if you bring your dog

2022 Rubber Tramp Rendezvous Event Location:

Baseball Field at the Quartzsite Town Park

  • Booth & Display located near 3rd base (west side of ball field).

    Located at the northwest corner of Plymouth Rd & E Quail Trail St

  • RTRs Main Entrance is at the outfield warning track on first-base line (northeast corner of the parking lot)
  • Welcome Table for Information and Name Buttons will be to the right (east) of the Main Entrance
  • Within the ball field,
    • Stage will be at second base.
    • Seating will be on the grassy outfield — bring your own chair or blanket for seating.
    • Bulletin Boards at home plate backstop.
    • Bob’s Van, Bluetti System & LiON Cooler displayed at pitcher’s mound with booth for sweepstakes ticket donations
    • Bluetti Sponsor Booth and Product Display area at third base
    • HOWA Booths near first base, get your 2022 RTRs sticker here ($5 donation recommended)
  • Free Pile in the parking area south of the ball field, near goal post.
  • Porta-Potties on the right-field warning track near Main Entrance.
  • First Aid Station with Free Face Masks on the Parking Lot side of the the first-base fence line

No camping at the park (per Quartzsite Town Ordinances)

Location of event at the Park and the five (5) BLM Camping areas in Quartzsite. Click to enlarge.

<<<<< Camping During the Event


Schedule & Topics for the Rubber Tramp Rendezvous

All times are listed as Mountain (or Arizona) Time.
In general, the 10am & 2pm sessions are geared toward those new to the nomadic lifestyle.
In general, the 12 Noon sessions are more advanced or less critical to being successful as a nomad.
All sessions (except 1/22 & 23) are a total of one-hour long and may include time for questions & answers from the audience, depending on the speaker(s) intent and time available.

Women’s RTR

  • Friday, January 14

    • 10am — Welcome/Orientation — Suanne
      Noon — Mixer — Suanne
      2pm — Women’s Hygiene Panel — Betty, Dawn (of Dawn of Vanlife), Grey
  • Saturday, January 15

    • 10am — Women’s Safety Panel — Amanda (of Adventuring with Amanda), Sarah, Stormy
    • Noon — Mixer — Sarah
    • 2pm — Boundaries on the Road, Panel — Bobbi, Lisa, Phyllis, Suanne

Rubber Tramp Rendezvous (RTR)

  • Sunday, January 16

    • 10am — Welcome/Orientation — Bob, Suanne & Guests TBA
    • Noon — Philosophy of Nomadic Living — Bob (of CheapRVLiving)
    • 2pm — Set Yourself Up for Success, Panel — Bobbi, Lisa, Phyllis, Suanne
  • Monday, January 17

    • 10am — Staying Warm — Bob (of CheapRVLiving)
    • Noon — Cooking Gadgets — Anyone can share their favorite kitchen item (will be video taped)
    • 2pm — Safety on the Road, Panel — Brian, Merle, Randy (of The Mobile Traveler)
  • Wednesday, January 19

    • 10am — Why We’re Losing Our Public Lands & Our Part in Fixing It — Jaime, Jake
    • Noon — Camp Norms & Etiquette — Jaime, Jake
    • 1pm — Bob and Tiger from Bluetti, a Sponsor of the RTR
    • 2pm — How to Camp for Free — Stormy
  • Thursday, January 20

    • 10am — Basic Vehicle Maintenance — Charlene (of Bower Media, Ladies Offroad Network)
    • Noon — Off Road Recovery — Charlene (of Bower Media, Ladies Offroad Network)
    • 2pm — “Tin Can” Q & A — Facilitated by Lisa, Questions by Everyone (put into tin can)
  • Friday, January 21

    • 10am — Work Camping
    • Noon — Travel & Camp in Baja, Panel — Brian, JP, Walt
    • 2pm — Medical, Dental & Vision, Panel — Eric (Veterans), JP (Algodones), Suanne (
  • Gong Gypsy, creates a meditative experience with gongs and a variety of other instruments on Sunday, January 23 at 10am. Click photo to watch her 2020 RTRs performance.

    Saturday, January 22

    • 9am Open — Go to the Big Tent to get a Work Camping Job
    • 10am — Portable Power, Panel — Jimmy Allen, Kramer
    • Noon-2pm — Open House Vans & Minivans.
      • All are invited to show their van or minivan (other types of rigs are tomorrow).
      • Rigs for show must be parked in designated area by 11:45am and must stay until 2pm
      • No late admittance or early departure for pedestrian safety.
    • 1pm-4pm — Concert by The Status Crowes
  • Sunday, January 23

    • 9am-11am — Open House for Cars, RVs, Skoolies, etc.
      • All invited to show their rigs (except van/minivans, those were yesterday).
      • Rigs for show must be parked in designated area by 8:45am and must stay until 11am.
      • No late admittance or early departure for pedestrian safety.
    • 10amGong Gypsy Performs
    • Noon — In-Person RTR Closes at 12 Noon

Online RTR, 11am & 3pm MT (10am & 2pm PT), Jan 24-26
Chat with the speaker during video, HOWA’s YouTube Channel

Donate to Help Cover the Costs of the RTRs

If you are able, consider supporting the RTRs — CLICK HERE. —


Or, donate at the RTRs Events.  Go to the HOWA booth and get a 2022 RTRs sticker for your donation.


This is event is truly free; so, if you are not able to donate, we want you with us.  We are community!

Parking at the RTRs

Green are the parking areas for the 2022 RTRs.Parking Lots open at 8am and close at 5pm.

Parking Lots open at 8am and close at 5pm.

Carpooling is recommended. Use HOWA’s Facebook Groups for the RTR and Women’s RTR to ask for a ride, or provide a ride.

No overnight parking.  Although you may be tempted to stealth it, please don’t.  I would hate to see you towed away.

Please follow the instructions of the Volunteers directing traffic.  They are giving of their time and energy to make this a great event for you.  I suspect your patience will be needed.

GREEN: General RTRs Parking is green on the map.

  • 19′ or Less:  South of ball field. Includes handicap parking adjacent to the ball field.  Access from Quail Trail, north on Emerald, right on Chandler.
  • 37′ or Less:  On-Street parking along the west side of Plymouth.  Park head-in, facing west.  Do not overhang onto the street.
  • 19′ or Less:  At the RC racetrack, south of Senter.  Access off of Senter.
  • Any Rig: North of Senter

YELLOW:  Parking for bicycles and motorcycles is yellow on the map.  Access from Quail Trail, north on Emerald, right on Chandler through large (green) parking lot.

RED:  NO PARKING areas are red on the map. You may be tempted to park in these areas — raw desert west of ball field, community center, court house, bike lane, dog park, playground.

BLUE:  The blue areas are for Volunteer, Speaker, Musician, Trustee, Staff Parking, as well as other event parking (north of community center).

Dogs at the Event Location

  • Leash your dog and maintain under your full control.
  • Pick up your dog’s feces and dispose of it appropriately (not in the porta-potties). Come prepared with bags.
  • Register your dog and carry proof of rabies vaccination, per the law.  (HOWA was informed that law enforcement won’t check unless a dog or its owner are involved in some violation.)

Photography & Video

PHOTOGRAPHY & FILMING will happen at the Rubber Tramp Rendezvous (RTRs) — by HOWA, by our CheapRVLiving Sponsor, by a documentary film maker and by anyone and everyone with a camera phone.

Enjoy capturing the moment and your memories. Be careful not to disrupt presentations or conversations when using your camera.  Be respectful.  Ask if you can take someone’s image, most especially if you are going to put it on social media. That person may be escaping a dangerous situation.  If you are escaping a dangerous situation, please weigh carefully if the RTRs are the best place for you to be in order to remain hidden.

About the documentary film maker: Vanessa Carr will be filming at the WRTR and RTR Jan 14-16 for a long term documentary about nomadic living. Vanessa and her partner Josh Gleason have been following HOWA’s work since 2019 for this documentary. (You may have seen them filming at the 2020 RTR.) The goal of filming at this year’s event is simply to observe HOWA’s community-building efforts. They respect anyone’s wishes not to be filmed, so please don’t hesitate to let Vanessa know if you see her with the camera. It’s big, so you won’t miss her! You can reach her at with any questions, concerns, or if you’d like to receive updates about this project.

Volunteering at the RTRs

HOWA volunteers are the best!  What a great feeling to be volunteering with others to serve our community!  It’s the best kind of camaraderie!

The success of the RTRs depends on volunteers!

  • For a smooth running event, all volunteers need to be consistently dependable and prompt.
  • Almost all volunteers interact with event attendees and the general public; so, volunteers need to be consistently kind, compassionate and patient.
  • Volunteers will attend two training sessions on Thursday, January 13 at Quartzsite Town Park:
    1. At 10am for everyone (expecting about 100), and
    2. After a pizza lunch for each area in which they volunteered.
  • During the RTRs, special designated parking will be provided for volunteers on shift, nearer to the event area (pass required).
  • Volunteers will be asked to complete Image Release and Liability Release Agreements.
  • All volunteers will wear HOWA safety vests that are checked out and returned at each shift.
  • A thank you gift, and lunch at 12:30 on Sunday, January 23 will be offered for volunteers (pass required).

Those who identify as female may volunteer for the Women’s RTR.  All genders may volunteer for the regular RTR. Volunteer position descriptions below.  Click title to view description.

VOLUNTEER FORM:  Fill out this form to let us know of your interest and availability — CLICK HERE.

WELCOME BOOTH for Information and Name Buttons

  •  Able to sit for long periods
  • Able to communicate clearly
    • Directions to the First Aid Booth
    • Directions to the HOWA Booth
    • Info about HOWA
    • Info about the classes, discussions, speakers
    • Where to donate for tickets for the sweepstakes fundraisers — Bob’s Van, Bluetti, LiONCooler
  • Make name buttons for participants (nice handwriting a plus)
  • Keep a donation jar and its contents in view and secured
  • Shifts
    • 8:00-1:00
    • 12:30-5:00
    • Includes a 15-minute break
  • May work two shifts in the same day (includes a lunch break)

PARTICIPANT-AREA SUPPORT -- Free Pile, Seating, Bulletin Boards, Trash Management

  • Able to stand and move for long periods of time
  • Able to lift 10 lbs and will ask for assistance if heavier than 10 lbs
  • Able to keep area organized
  • Inform Area Lead if supplies are getting low
  • Pick up and dispose of any trash on ground
  • Able to communicate clearly, for example —
    • Direct participants to the different areas of the event
    • Info about the event schedule, speakers, classes
    • Info about HOWA
    • If at Free Pile
      • Info about how the Free Pile works
      • Kindly and firmly reject any inappropriate or dangerous items
    • If at Seating Area
      • Info about where to sit
      • Directions to keep aisle ways clear
      • Restrict access to stage and speaker (w/Security’s help)
      • If speaker does a meet & greet after presentation, direct those who are waiting to line up (w/Security’s help)
    • If at Bulletin Boards
      • Describe difference between two bulletin boards
      • Restrict postings to 3×5 cards
      • Explain appropriate types of posts
      • Restrict inappropriate posts
  • Shifts
    • 8:00-1:00
    • 12:30-5:00
    • Includes a 15-minute break
  • May work both shifts in the same day (includes a lunch break)


  • Provide coffee, water and snacks for volunteers, sponsors, and vendors.
  • Monitor inventory; inform the Hospitality Lead if supplies are getting too low
  • Maintain the private table/seating area for breaks and lunches
  • Maintain a “green room” area for speakers
  • Assist Volunteer Coordinator and Speaker Liaison, as needed
  • Check out / Check in Safety vests at start & end of other volunteer’s shifts
  • Check out / Check in Walkie-Talkies to designated volunteers at start & end of their shifts
  • Shifts:
    • 7am-Noon
    • 11:30am  to 3:30pm.
    • includes a 15-minute break per shift
  • If desired, a volunteer may sign up for both shifts on the same day (includes lunch break)


  • Able to stand and walk for long periods.
  • Observant
  • Anticipates next steps
  • Able to give clear directions both verbally and by using hand & arm gestures, indicating
    • Where to drive, or not drive
    • Where to park, or not not park
  • Safety vests provided while one shift
  • Area leads will have walkie-talkie while on shift
  • Shifts
    • 7:00-10:30
    • 10:30-2:00
    • 1:30-5:00
    • Includes a 15 minute break
  • May work full days, if desired.  Includes a lunch break.

SECURITY SERVICE -- no enforcement

  • Able to stand and walk for long periods of time
  • Past experience in security preferred
  • Observant
  • Anticipates next steps
  • Helps to create an enjoyable and safe experience for participants
  • Able to address violators clearly, authoritatively, and kindly
  • Request that violators change their behavior, do not enforce
  • If enforcement or action is needed
    • Walkie Talkie the Safety Lead to call law enforcement
    • If an immediate emergency, call 911 yourself
    • If a non-emergent medical situation, walkie talkie Medical Volunteers on site
  • Online Zoom training, before Jan 13 training
  • Support other Volunteers as necessary (traffic, stage area, free pile)
  • Current driver’s license to drive HOWA vehicle if volunteering the night shifts
  • Bring bright flashlight for overnight, after sunset, and before sunrise
  • Overnight security volunteers may keep their rigs on site, stealth mode
  • 3 nine-hour shifts per day/night, includes 1 hour meal break, and 15-minute breaks
    • 8am-5pm (4 stations)
    • 4pm-1am (2 stations)
    • 12 midnight-9am (2 stations)


  • Current certification for Basic Life Support (BLS)
  • Experience and formal training in first aide, EMT, nursing, etc.
  • Knowledge of when to call 911
  • Shifts
    • 8:00-1:00
    • 12:30-5:00
    • Includes 15 minute breaks
  • May work full days, if desired.  Includes a lunch break.


  • Knowledge and experience running sound equipment
  • Knowledge and experience managing lapel mics, hand held mics and muffs
  • Able to cover and secure sound equipment daily
  • Shifts
    • 9:00 – 1:00
    • 12:30 – 4:00
    • Includes 15 minutes breaks
  • May work both shifts in the day, if desired.  Includes lunch break.


  • Able to stand and move for long periods
  • Physically able to lift 50 lbs and be physically active all day
  • Ask for assistance if item is heavier than 50 lbs.
  • Setup is on January 13, 2022, 8:00-5:00 with breaks
    • Pick up supplies and materials from Quartzsite storage, about 2 miles away
    • Load and unload supplies and equipment onto and off of trailer
    • Set up shade canopies, tables and chairs at identified locations
    • Set T-Posts and string bright rope (to prohibit parking on raw desert areas), per plan
    • Chalk lines in the outfield grass to designate seating areas, with aisle ways, per directions
    • Chalk lines in the main parking lot, per directions
    • Set up and secure bulletin boards at backstop, behind home plate (4×8′ sheets with 2×4″ legs w/ceiling tiles)
    • Assemble and place Free Pile tables near goal post (4×8′ sheets secured to A-frame stands)
    • Assemble stage between pitchers mound and 2nd base
    • Set up A-frame signage around the grounds and nearby streets, per directions
    • Assemble sound system with Sound Techs
    • Test Honda Generator for good operation at stage, to power sound system
    • Distribute boxes of supplies/materials to appropriate location (buttons, first aid, hospitality, HOWA, etc.)
  • Break down is on January 24, 2022, 8:00-5:00 with breaks
    • Disassemble all, pack in trailer, drive back to the storage unit
    • Inventory items before re-loading into storage unit



  • Give a 30-45 minute in-person stage presentation by yourself, or in combination with a panel of others on one of the topics below
  • Experience in teaching or public speaking preferred
  • Provide an outline of your presentation
  • If an panel presentation, coordinate with the other panelists well before the event
  • Topics (topics will be removed and added as speakers are confirmed, or not)
    • Safety on the Road
    • The Basics on Online Connectivity for the new Nomad
    • Ways to Stay Warm in a Vehicle
    • Select the Best Rig for You (pros/cons of various choices)
    • How to Camp for Free legally on public lands and stealth in town
    • Services in Los Algodones during the pandemic (panel discussion)
    • Women’s Hygiene (panel for WRTR)
    • Women’s Safety (panel for WRTR)
  • On the Volunteer Form, indicate which class you’d like to present in the section titled “Do you have anything else you want us to know about you?”


  • Give a 30-45 minute video presentation by yourself, or in combination with a panel of others on one of the topics below
  • Experience in video presentation preferred
  • Experience in teaching or public speaking preferred
  • Ability to share screen for demonstration
  • Ability to integrate slides (e.g. Power Point) as a teaching tool, as appropraite
  • Provide the video, ready for an RTR intro/outro preferred
  • If presenter has a YouTube Channel, the presenter my promote it at the end of their video
  • Provide an outline of your presenation
  • If an panel presentation, coordinate with the other panelists well before video taping
  • Attend the Premier of your video presentation on the HOWA YouTube Channel; participate in chat with your viewers
  • Topics (topics will be removed and added as speakers are confirmed, or not)
    • Apps to Find Free Boondocking Locations and to Monitor Weather
    • GPS for the Novice Nomad: How To Find and Share Locations
    • How To Join Online and In-Person Nomadic Community using Online Tools
  • On the Volunteer Form, indicate which class you’d like to present in the section titled “Do you have anything else you want us to know about you?”

For More Information:

Email your questions to

COVID Public Safety Measures at the RTRs

Some of the swag … stickers, water bottle, mug … other items include a hat, and a bag.  Or, get a sticker at the HOWA Booth at the RTRs.

RTRs Store for Stickers & Swag

Your 2022 RTRs Working Committee: Bob Wells (consultant, promotion), Bobbi Stice (speaker liaison), Darlene Hansen (services lead), Eric Harris (safety lead), Glen (set up & break down lead), Grey Lemons (free pile lead), Jaime Restorff (first aid lead), Jerry Quist (sound lead), JP Smith (consultant), Lisa Bee (volunteer lead), Phyllis Bickford (vice-chair), Sarah Kuiken (WRTR, HOWA), Deb S (WRTR sound), Shells (WRTR safety), Suanne Carlson (chair)


Consider contributing the FREE-To-You RTRs.  HOWA’s budget for this event is $10,000.

~ ~ ~ Email your RTRs questions to ~ ~ ~