A graphic of the embroidered patch gifted to volunteers on the day of the event — a symbol of much gratitude and appreciation.

VOLUNTEER for the 
Fall 2023 BYOV
“Bring Your Own Vehicle”

Bluetti Power Supplies to be granted to those whom volunteers will be serving.

200W portable solar panels, weatherproof, to be granted along with a 20′ extension cable … for those nomads in need whom volunteers will be serving.

Bobbi Stice, the Manager of HOWA’s BYOV Program.



The Fall 2023 BYOV is a one-day event on Saturday October 14, 2023 in Pahrump NV. Starting at 8:30AM, volunteers will:

    • Get checked in — pick-up their safety vests, attend a short orientation, and share some coffee (as desired),
    • Get the grantees checked in,
    • Teach the grantees how to use a portable solar power system,
    • Distribute the solar power systems to the grantees,
    • Help the grantees learn to implement their new system at their rig with their devices,
    • Celebrate with a pizza lunch and volunteer thank yous,
    • Hold an Open House for the community to attend where grantees will display their new power systems at their rigs, and
    • Distribute copies of the paperwork and receipts to the grantees in case warranty work on their granted item(s) is needed.


Volunteer Applications will be open through Monday September 25th.


Volunteer Screening and Selection

Volunteers will be screened for their alignment with HOWA’s mission, vision, and values, as well as their skills and availability. A minimum of 15 volunteers are anticipated for the day. Emails will be sent indicating placement and gratitude for interest on or before October 1st.  Applicants selected for a volunteer position will sign the Volunteer Agreement.

Camaraderie at the Caravan Camp.


HOWA Caravan Camp in Pahrump during BYOV

For more camaraderie during the time of the BYOV, consider camping together with other Nomads at the Caravan Camp in Pahrump, October 11-24.  Click here for more information about the HOWA Caravans, their dates and locations.


Volunteer Positions — Qualifications & Descriptions

The link to the Volunteer Application is below the position descriptions.


FILLED — Hospitality 

FILLED — Inventory

FILLED — Open House Parking

FILLED — Recipient Trainer

FILLED — Pet Sitter

FILLED — Set-Up & Tear Down


The Media Team from the Fall 2022 BYOV event.

Outcome:  One 15-30 minute video highlighting the BYOV:  The granted solar power systems, the clients and how the grants affect their lives, the service of the volunteers, and our gratefulness to Lectric eBikes and other donors’ financial gifts to HOWA to make the BYOV happen.  Final video, ready for upload, due November 15, 2023.  Also, provide short video clips for social media during the event.


    • Able to commit to one full day of event on October 14th 2023 and additional times, before and after, for interviews — client, volunteer and donor.
    • Experience in:
      • Videography for YouTube
      • Video editing for YouTube
      • Editing human action photos into videos, taken by yourself and others
    • Have necessary equipment, connectivity, and software
      • camera or good camera on phone
      • tripod w/rigging helpful
      • computer
      • Internet access
      • cell data (or use staff wifi)
      • video editing software
    • Good collaboration and communication skills
    • Will take direction from HOWA staff and assistant

Position Description

    • Work closely with Bobbi Stice, BYOV Manager
    • Wear a safety vest at the event site
    • Participate in Orientation
    • Capture and communicate the activities and people related to the BYOV
    • Work with other HOWA volunteers who may be capturing content
    • Upload and Store all content on HOWA’s SharePoint (cloud storage)
    • Create video content for YouTube
    • Provide completed video, ready to upload to YouTube, to HOWA according to schedule
    • Report or fix any safety issues such as tripping hazards at the event site.
    • May assist in other areas of the BYOV Event as requested

Filled — Social Media Writer

     Click to fill out the Volunteer Application for the Fall 2023 BYOV



Offering their place as the venue for this BYOV.  Their consistent and on-going support is extraordinary! MMM is HOWA’s mail forwarder.


This BYOV’s solar power systems grants are made possible by the generosity of LECTRIC eBIKES

Promoting the BYOV on their YouTube Channel. They are always so good at getting the word out to help nomads in need.