Most anyone can make a simple and comfortable home in a minivan by using readily available materials. Homes On Wheels Alliance (HOWA) calls these “No-Build Builds.” For our Minivan Program, HOWA has compiled a list of the most important and useful items for recipients to choose from to furnish their No-Build Builds. HOWA then puts those items on an Amazon Wishlist and the community purchases them for each client. Below are the items that have been on those wishlists. Due to availability, these may not be the exact items from the wishlists. The photos may also be slightly different from the linked items. We put the list here for you to see if any of the items are a good fit for furnishing your home on wheels. Keep in mind that some of these items are so similar that they would be duplicates. And every item will not be beneficial for every nomad. Use the list as a guide.

By using the links to the items below, your purchase will support HOWA and not cost you any more. HOWA receives a very small percentage of each purchase.