My journey toward being a nomad began at age 45. I had purchased a Toyota Prius for a work vehicle and while researching the ins/outs of a hybrid vehicle, I stumbled on a YouTube interview of a woman using her Prius to explore National Parks for months at a time! My Prius adventures began there, camping, boondocking, hiking, kayaking trips and the 2018 Rubber Tramp Rendezvous. Since experiencing this amazing community of nomads at that RTR I’ve loved serving as a volunteer at every RTR since. 5 years have passed, my nomadic family has grown tremendously, and my adventures continue. Recently, I joined Homes on Wheels Alliance as the Emergency Fund Coordinator, being the liaison between the nomad in need and the funding committee. I could not be more honored than to be involved with one of the many ways this agency educates and supports the nomadic way of living.