I have a BS in Computer Information Systems and have experience in programming, analysis, marketing, and technical writing and editing.  Also, instructional, web, and graphic design, and photography.  In November 2021, I put my house on the market and left the east coast.  My initial westward trek was all it took for me to realize the nomad life was for me.  My love for travel, the outdoors, hiking, and photography all fit perfectly into this lifestyle.  As a thank you for the abundance of electronic instruction received from Cheap RV Living and Homes on Wheels Alliance, I volunteered at the RTR and BYOVs in 2022.  During those events–and from other observations–I began to realize my desire to help was not only from personal appreciation; I also recognized the genuine regard HOWA has for those who make their homes on wheels and repeatedly witnessed their hard work to help as many nomads as they possibly can.  It is my honor to now be a part of HOWA as an Administrative Assistant.  I am thankful for this opportunity to be associated with such good-hearted people and to serve the nomadic community.