Since the early 90s, I had the opportunity to work for a national non-profit. At the local level, I have held positions as a Program Director, Executive Director, and Senior Vice President of Operations. At the national level, I spent 10 years working for the Strategic Innovation department focusing on national initiatives, re-branding, and program development.

In 2018, my wife and I walked away from our corporate jobs to launch our own accounting business and fulfill a lifelong dream of traveling full-time. The early years on the road were difficult as we left behind our sense of community and often felt isolated. In 2020 we discovered a of group of like-minded travelers who were still working from the road. We knew right then “being part of a community” was possible even if your home was on wheels and your location changed frequently.

As a Trustee for HOWA, I want to bring my non-profit experience to the team. I am passionate about helping our veterans, seniors, and other vulnerable populations to avoid homelessness through finding alternative housing solutions. I am equally passionate about helping these individuals find a supportive community on the open road.