I retired in 2012 after a very enjoyable career with the New York Public Library. As commonly happens, I became intrigued by the nomadic lifestyle after absorbing Bob Wells’ videos. Although I had seldom driven while living for decades in New York City, in 2016 I decided to give the nomadic life a try. Equipped with a tent, a sleeping bag and a backpacker’s stove, I flew to Albuquerque, rented a compact car, and ventured west to the 2016 summer RTR near Flagstaff, Arizona. I was hooked, and since October 2016 I have had a wonderful experience living fulltime in a Chevy Silverado pickup truck and a popup camper.

I am pleased to be a HOWA trustee, dedicated to making life better for the growing number of people who want to enrich their nomadic lives while enjoying this astonishingly varied and beautiful North American continent. As with any lifestyle, we nomads have our share of difficulties and obstacles, but by working together, HOWA is in a unique position to make our lives better.