I’ve been RVing full-time with my dog Orion since March 2019. It’s one of the few life changes I’ve made that completely lived up to—and exceeded—my expectations. While I moved into my travel trailer largely because I could no longer afford rent in my hometown of Denver, I have loved the experience and can’t imagine doing anything different. I’m a college graduate with a BA in History and English, so it seemed unlikely I’d ever amount to anything … I’m thrilled to have ended up here on HOWA’s Board of Trustees.

My professional background is in customer success and marketing. I’m a freelance copywriter and aspiring novelist and will be putting my literary skills to use on HOWA’s blog and other spots where written communication is required. I’m also eager to act as an advocate for nomadic women. More and more women are traveling solo, and I’m committed to helping them feel safe and empowered while doing so. Community is such an important part of that—and that’s where HOWA comes in. One of the best parts of this lifestyle is the opportunity to meet a wide range of amazing people from all over the country, and I love the role HOWA plays in that. Most nomads are supportive and helpful by nature, and HOWA embodies that spirit of generosity.