Winter 2024
Bring Your Own Vehicle (BYOV) Event

hosted by
Homes On Wheels Alliance

Winterhaven, CA (near Yuma, AZ)
February 1, 2024
10am-2pm Pacific Time (CA Time)
11am-3pm Mountain Time (AZ Time)


Granting 17 Sets of Components for 17 Nomads for 17 Complete 200W Solar Power Systems

Each set will include two 100W solar panels for roof mounting, 100Ah lithium battery, charge controller, inverter, 12v fuse block, and all wiring, fuses and hardware for a complete solar power system.  Links with details to each component are listed below.  Also below is a PDF document with suggested guidelines, layout, and schematic for the installer.

Thank you Lectric eBikes for making these grants possible!

Check out this short video about a HOWA volunteer’s praise for his new wheels from Lectric eBikes!


Video from Bob Wells, HOWA’s President
About the Solar Power System Grants




Ronda & Bobbi, Your Assistant Manager & Manager for HOWA’s BYOV Events!

 Nomads who:

  • Use their vehicle as their full-time home.
  • Vehicle home is safely drivable.
  • Cannot afford basic electrical power to charge devices on the road.
  • Need power for items such as electronics, 12V refrigerators, fans, or CPAP machine.  
  • Boondock full-time (camp off-grid with no water, sewer, electricity, or trash) 
  • Have enough space IN and ON your vehicle
    • To mount the solar power system in and on the roof of your vehicle and 
    • To transport and store your granted items until installation is complete.
    • Remember, you still need living space.  
  • Are financially capable of driving their vehicle home to Winterhaven, California for the BYOV event.
  • Can safely store and transport all components until installed 
  • Can find an installer* for the components (sample ideas provided below) 
  • Agree to be interviewed, videotaped, and photographed; to be shared on HOWA’s website, social media, etc.

If you are a solar installer, consider posting your personal availability to install someone’s system on the Bulletin Board at the RTR & WRTR. Or, post on HOWA’s new Online Bulletin Board.  Thanks!

If you answered “yes” to each of these qualifications, HOWA wants you to apply! 

Applications Open on Monday, December 4, and close on Sunday, December 31, 2023.

The application is fully online.  Applicants use a computer or smartphone to complete the application and upload images/photos.  The application requires contact information and answers to some qualifying questions.  Applicants will upload current photos of their vehicle.  In addition, applicants will upload images of documents for identification, vehicle ownership, and finances.  Since this is a need-based grant program, HOWA also requests applicants to disclose their monthly income, payments/debts, and other assets. 

Only complete applications will be considered.

Click here for detailed information about completing the application.

To confirm your identification, be prepared to attach an electronic image or picture of your driver’s license.

For the Review Committee to review your vehicle’s readiness, be prepared to attach 3 current interior pictures of your vehicle from different perspectives to show where you will be mounting your (vented) solar components and roof photos to show where you will be attaching the two 100W panels.

In accordance with HOWA’s Mission, BYOV grants are assigned to applicants in the greatest financial need.  The following documentation and information are necessary, therefore, for the Committee’s review and selection process.

Be prepared to upload financial documents and/or Letters of Recommendation.

Note: Upload all pages of each document.  That is, a single page of a multi-page document is not sufficient.

  • Latest Statements (all pages) from all of your Financial Institutions
  • Latest IRS 1040 Tax Form OR
  • If You Did Not File 2021 Federal Taxes, then upload electronic images of 2 Letters of Recommendation
    • Examples of effective letters include length of time, how you know the applicant, and examples of your personal knowledge of their financial need.
  • Your Benefit Verification Letter from Social Security, SSD, or SSI.

If you have a condition that appears to be contagious, be prepared to upload an image of a note from your doctor’s note.

Be prepared with the following financial information:

  • AVERAGE MONTHLY INCOME from every source (paid work, Social Security, pension, retirement disbursements, etc.).
  • ALL DEBT & MONTHLY PAYMENTS (loans, credit card, mortgage, etc.).
  • ALL ASSETS (savings, real estate, vehicle(s), annuities, etc.).

Applications must be electronically submitted by 5pm PDT on December 31, 2023.

*Due to the constraints of HOWA’s current liability insurance, HOWA can not provide installation services. A few examples of non-HOWA installation resouces include Awesome Possum, Nomad Resource CenterVanAid or ask for assistance from other Nomads on the Bulletin Board at the WRTR and RTR.  If you are a skilled installer, consider posting your availability on the RTR/WRTR Bulletin Board.

After Submitting Your Application
Applications Closed on December 31

From Fall 2023 BYOV — Grantees are learning while staff & volunteers give instruction, film and take photos.

Applicants will be informed by email on or before January 10, 2024.

The BYOV Event will be held on private property in Winterhaven, CA (near Yuma, AZ) on February 1.


    • Information provided by knowledgeable volunteers about the solar power system’s abilities and limitations.
    • Volunteer Thank-You Pizza Lunch with Grantees, Sponsors, and Staff
    • Distribution of 200W solar power systems
    • Staff provide grantees with the receipts of their items so they have the proof-of-purchase to problem-solve with the manufacturers should any future issues arise.

Seventeen (17) sets of the following items will be granted:


Grantees are advised to retain the receipts for their components in the event of a component failure to facilitate communication with the respective manufacturer.

Plywood, caulking, butyl tape, screws and other supplies and materials may be needed for properly securing components to various interior and exterior surfaces.

For Installer:  Guidelines, suggested layout & schematic to be available soon.

Applications closed on Dec 31, 2023.
Only complete applications will be considered.
Applicants will be emailed on or before Jan 10, 2024.


Thank  you  to  the  volunteers  of  the  BYOV!!!