VOLUNTEER for the 
Winter 2024 BYOV
“Bring Your Own Vehicle”

Granted components plus other fuses, wiring, and mounting hardware for distribution on February 1 in Winterhaven, CA.

Bobbi Stice, the Manager of HOWA’s BYOV Program.



The Winter 2024 BYOV is a one-day event on Thursday, February 1 in Winterhaven, CA (near Yuma, AZ). Starting at 8:30AM PT (CA time) or 9:30AM MT (AZ time) activities include:

  • Volunteer check-in — pick-up safety vests, attend a short orientation, and share some coffee (as desired),
  • Grantee check-in,
  • Advise grantees on the capabilities and limitations of the 200W solar power system,
  • Celebrate volunteers with a thank-you lunch, joined by grantees, staff, and trustees,
  • Distribute the solar power system’s component sets to up to 17 grantees,
  • Answer grantees questions about their new systems, and
  • Distribute copies of the paperwork and receipts to the grantees in case warranty work on their granted item(s) is needed.

Volunteer Applications will be open through January 15th.

Volunteer Screening and Selection

Volunteers will be screened for their alignment with HOWA’s mission, vision, and values, as well as their skills and availability. A maximum of 15 volunteers are anticipated for the day. Emails will be sent indicating placement and gratitude for interest on or before Jan 15th.  Applicants selected for a volunteer position will sign the Volunteer Agreement. 

Camaraderie at Camp.


Camp together during BYOV? 

For more camaraderie during the time of the BYOV, consider camping together with other Nomads. Free casual camping on BLM land is very near the event location. HOWA won’t be scheduling a camp, but anyone can choose a camp location.  The We Camp Together Facebook Group provides a way to invite others! 



Volunteer Positions — Qualifications & Descriptions

The link to the Volunteer Application is below the position descriptions.



  • Available Thurs Feb 1, 2024, 8:30am – 2pm  PT (CA time) for several hours of service
  • Set-up Hospitality areas’ table/canopy arrangements for lunch  
  • Utilize their vehicle to pick up preordered food and deliver to the event.  
  • Serve Recipients, Volunteers and Staff lunch meal, maintain clean food area.  
  • Clean up after meal, assist with tear down of tables, awnings at days end. 


Position Description  

  • Work closely with Bobbi, BYOV Manager, and her Assistant  
  • Help create an atmosphere of inclusion and kindness (the Hospitality area is a gathering area)  
  • Pick up preordered food as needed  
  • After grant distribution, tear-down and store tables  
  • Perform other duties as assigned  




  • Available Thurs Feb 1, 2024, 8:30am – 2pm  PT (CA time)
  • Be a part of a Multi-Volunteer team 
  • Detail oriented: Each grantee will receive 30 components for a 200W solar system 
  • Interact with recipients throughout the event   
  • Experience preferred managing physical inventory on site   
  • Able to stand and move for long periods   
  • Physically able to lift 40 lbs.   
  • Ask for assistance if an item is heavier than 40 lbs.   

Position Description  

  • Organize, check-in/out inventory for granted solar components  
  • The Build Event (canopies, tables, hospitality etc.)  
  • Each Recipient Project (approx. 30 solar components)  
  • Physically organize many packages ordered by staff from Amazon for the BYOV Event, Utilizing the storage trailer and tables.   
  • Work with Bobbi, BYOV Manager and her assistant.  
  • Coordinate with Tear-Down Crew to inventory all items to be stored  




  • Available Thurs Feb 1, 2024, 8:30am – 2pm  PT (CA time)
  • Studied and understands Suggested Installation Document
  • Experienced at imparting knowledge about mounted solar power system components and their installation
  • Knowledgeable enough to answer impromptu questions about the capability/limitations of the granted power systems
  • Will say “I don’t know” if not 100% sure that you have the complete and correct answer to the recipients’ clearly understood question(s)
  • Able to know when best to advise recipients not to install themselves when observed that they don’t have enough knowledge or the tools to do a safe installation
  • Loud enough speaking voice to be heard outdoors by up to 20 people without any sound equipment
  • Patient  
  • Will take direction from HOWA staff and assistant  


Position Description 

  • Work closely with BYOV Manager Bobbi, and her Assistant Ronda  
  • Wear a safety vest  
  • Participate in Orientation  
  • Report or fix any safety issues such as tripping hazards at the event site  
  • Utilize the Schematic and Layout documents to provide options for grantees  
  • Provide a copy of the outline of your presentation by Jan 15th.  
  • Hold an approx 1-hour class to advise that day’s grantees regarding the limits and capabilities of the 200wt solar system.  
  • Respond to grantees’ implementation questions, within the context of your personal experience
  • After grantees receive their systems, encourage and verbally assist them as necessary,
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: HOWA’s liability insurance does not permit HOWA volunteers to install or fix anything in grantees’ vehicles, including these solar power systems.
  • Assist the Inventory Volunteers in distributing the granted components.   
  • May assist in other areas of the BYOV Event as requested  




  • Available Thurs Feb 1, 2024, 8:30am – 2pm  PT (CA time)
  • Animal friendly   
  • Keeping pets’ safety and enjoyment in mind.  Recipients, Volunteers or staff pets need care during the event.   


Position Description:   

  • Watch recipient, volunteer or staff pets (cats or dogs) while owners are occupied on event day.  




  • Available Thurs Feb 1, 2024, 8:30am – 2pm  PT (CA time)
  • Able to stand, bend, twist and move to raise/lower the EZ up shade structures and tables   
  • Physically able to lift 50 lbs. and be physically active   
  • Ask for assistance if an item is heavier than 50 lbs.      


Position Description  

  • Work closely with Bobbi, BYOV Manager, and her Assistant   
  • Move EZ up awnings from storage to placement, deploy, stake and add cover  
  • Set up as many as many as 5 Canopies  
  • Place tables under awnings etc.  
  • Place Signage as directed  




  • Able to commit to one full day of event Thurs Feb 1st, 2024  
  • Able to provide written content for posting before, during and after the event.  
  • Good social media writing skills (Facebook, Instagram, Blogs, etc.)  
  • Have the equipment and Internet service  
  • computer  
  • Internet access  
  • data (or use staff wifi)  


Position Description

  • Work closely with Bobbi Stice, BYOV Manager  
  • Wear a safety vest at the event site  
  • Participate in Orientation  
  • Capture and communicate the activities related to the BYOV  
  • Integrate a few photographs or very short videos captured by yourself or other volunteers  
  • Help write content for social media and blog.  
  • Provide content for HOWA staff to post according to publishing schedule  
  • Report or fix any safety issues such as tripping hazards at the event site.  
  • May assist in other areas of the BYOV Event as requested   

Outcome: Write at least one social media post before, and one post during the BYOV Event. Write one HOWA website blog post and a social media post after the event. The purpose of these posts is to share with the community about the BYOV.  Posts will highlight parts of the BYOV: The granted solar power systems, the clients and how the grants affect their lives, the service of the volunteers, and our gratefulness to Lectric eBikes and other donors’ financial gifts to HOWA to make the BYOV event happen. 

Positions already filled:  Assistant Manager, Videography & Editing

            Click to fill out the Volunteer Application for the Winter 2024 BYOV

of the Winter 2024 BYOV Event

This BYOV’s solar power systems grants are made possible by the generosity of LECTRIC eBIKES







Promoting the BYOV on their YouTube Channel, CRVL is  always good at getting the word out to help nomads in nee



HOWA Volunteers are the heart of the BYOVs!