Simply Lesa

Originally from Maine, Lesa has been part of the Cheap RV Living nomadic community since 2005. After years on the road, Lesa was blessed with a piece of property and spent her time as a nomad in her SUV.

In 2018, health issues required that she stay on her property in a travel trailer that was not roadworthy. Healthy again, in April of 2019, Lesa hit the road in her SUV. In September, Lesa returned to her property to sell the trailer to travel full-time and, within two weeks of selling the trailer, the SUV developed an oil leak and her dog was diagnosed terminally ill. Lesa contacted Homes On Wheels Alliance (HOWA) for a tent to sleep in while her application for wheels was being decided.

Lesa just spent her first night in her HOWA no-build build minivan and reports that the bed is “great” and she slept soundly even without the planned window coverings.

Many of Lesa’s life events led to stoicism and her pursuit of minimalism. All of her creative pursuits were taken away in very traumatic ways which led her to connect more with nature while finding meaning and freedom in less. According to Lesa, being a minimalist doesn’t mean living without, but living with things chosen with respectful intention. With gratitude to HOWA, its donors and volunteers, this intelligent and thoughtful woman is looking forward to her next adventure and giving back to the nomadic community in her own special way.

Post contribution by: Diana Hollenbeck



  1. Jessica Evrist says

    Great story of Lesa Diana Hollenbeck! Thoughtful and provoking writing telling her life summary. Very modest and concise. How wonderful to be a part of a great work that you all are doing! I’m so very proud to hear of your great humanitarian accomplishments and bravery to put a positive spin on the hardships of survival and being human. All awards and props go to your great team alliance! A++ to you dedicated individuals!! You make me proud to be a living soul in this temporary earth suit!

  2. Kimberly says

    Thank you for sharing Lesa and Diana for writing so that we can all connect. I recently stumbled upon the Cheaprvliving videos during a down time due to health reasons. I am truly having an awakening of the prison in which I have lived all for the pursuit of “things” and still struggle to meet basic (or what I thought to be basic needs). I am certainly at a juncture in my life where things are changing and I am ready with an open heart and willing spirit. Thank you HOWA for your vision and giving to help so many in need. God Bless

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