Solar Award Volunteers

Generosity and giving back are important elements of  HOWA’s programs. Every person helped is encouraged to participate to the level of their ability.  A large group of volunteers gathered to help with the distribution of the solar panel kits. Volunteers included Bob Wells, president of HOWA, Suanne Carlson, executive director, HOWA trustees and team members, and recipients of HOWA’s programs.

A huge thank you to Santan Solar for the donation of solar panels and Berger Foundation for funding the accessories.



  1. Phyllis says


    Homes On Wheels Alliance has not set up caravans going from east to west yet. Hopefully, it will be something for the future!

  2. Elizabeth Brigante says

    Hi, Phillis,
    I would love to meet up with a women’s caravan in the east (New Jersey) around the first week of April. I just purchased a Chevy Express cargo. If Jersey doesn’t work, just let me know. Am just scared to death. Would love to have some company on my adventure. Please let me know. Thanks so much. Elizabeth Brigante

    • Phyllis says

      Elizabeth, we are just beginning to have caravans in the east beginning around the first of April. They will be much further south though. We use the app called Meetup to post our caravan locations. They are only posted 3 to 5 days in advance so keep checking back. Here is the link: To use Meetup, you have to download it to your phone or laptop and then make a brief profile for yourself. You could also check out to find other RVers near you. Here is the link to that website: Safe and Happy Travels!

    • Rose Sturtevant says

      Hi Elizabeth I’m in NJ also. Did you end up starting your road trip yet? I’m planning on going soon. Thanks, Rose

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