2021 Online RTR & WRTR

Like so many other events during the coronavirus pandemic, the Rubber Tramp Rendezvous and the Women’s Rubber Tramp Rendezvous could not be held in person this year. But as nomads we are resourceful and the RTRs were switched over to a completely online format with live presentations by knowledgeable nomads covering topics such as camp etiquette, solar power, and boondocking.  The presentations consist of a class followed by a question and answer period. All sessions are posted on the HOWA YouTube channel for viewing at a later date.

Thank you to the HOWA staff, HOWA volunteers, and the nomads who shared their expertise with the community.  We appreciate all of the work and dedication that went into making the 2021 RTRs a success!


  1. Mary Baldwin says

    Your hone on wheels sounds very hopeful. Are there locations where I may get help making a Ford Rager into a living space? I have looked up commercial built ons but would like to afford extras like solar.
    I am not homeless but it would not take much for that to change. That goes for everyone. My interest in traveling would be social and to volunteer (world kitchen, parks, environmental issues, disaster helper, etc).
    Thank you for a response of help to get my truck livable.

    • Phyllis says

      There are some people that do build outs on vehicles for a price. They always seem to be on the pricey side. They may be worth it but it still has a cost that many cannot afford. A Ford Ranger would be a good candidate for a no-build, build. Some people call it a “put-in”. It is economical and a good way to get started. There are many videos on YouTube that can show you ways that it works for various rigs. HOWA does it with the minivans currently. Here are some links to get you started:

      Basically, you would remove the rear seats, put in something to sleep on (many use a three or four fold pad. Add some totes for storage and away you go. You need to take care of keeping clean, cooking and water storage.

  2. Jennifer Caccavale says

    I’m on disability. I’be been being told that I’m going to die for 12 years, but the good lord hasn’t taken me yet. I watched the video. I have enough income to survive monthly. I’m extremely interested in this lifestyle. My health is getting worse and I just want to be free for the rest of my time. I have two questions I don’t have a vehicle at all. Is there anyway that I can get help getting a livable vehicle? And also how do you all manage to get life saving necessary medication on the road? As in insulin and heart meds? I’m more than capable of surviving. I’ve been homeless on the streets before. I’m a very giving person and I would pass on anything that was taught to or given to me for help. This is a very serious plan that I’m looking forward to making a goal to work towards now.

  3. James Seal says

    Do y’all help people with finding and fixing up vans as a home on wheels, I have a friend who is disabled and wants to become a nomad so he can enjoy the rest of his life traveling he is needing help finding a van

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