Two Lectric eBikes Donated

After the April Build Out was canceled due to COVID-19, HOWA found other ways to help the community that didn’t require bringing large groups of volunteers together.  HOWA announced applications for two ebikes to be awarded in May 2020. These bikes were test ridden by people who attended the 2020 RTR and then donated to HOWA by Lectric eBike.

Harley was one of the recipients of an eBike based on his need for alternative transportation.  Thank you Lectric eBikes for your generous donations and for the help you provided to these nomads.

The Lectric eBike is greatly appreciated by Harley and his puppy.

“My summer has been tough, fixing a few major issues in my rig. Days are far too hot to get out with my pup, but once the sun goes down I go out for puppy time on my electric bike donated through HOWA. We stay out for 30 minutes or so and we always have at least a good race.. The pup wins no matter what, and by the time we settle in for the night, I have a very happy dog. He loves to run and this bike allows me so much pleasure to get out with him. Even if my back is acting up, because of this bike, we still get quality time outside. THANK YOU AGAIN! I love my bike and my pup does too!”

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