Days One & Two — Minivan Build

After a hot dog BBQ, planning session during Day One, volunteers Tony and Karen made a run into town for lumber and supplies on Day Two.   The Model Minivan Build is off to a very productive start.

In the morning of Day One, the floor was put in.  (Cliff, James, and Kenny)


By evening, the bed was framed.  (Joni and Cliff, with Bob video taping at the side door)


We really have a very beautiful location for the minivan build.  (Phyllis’ place)

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Celebrate, Then Measure

After our little celebration at Denny’s, we went right out and started measuring the minivan in the parking lot … taking pictures like proud parents of their first child.

Interior width, length and height were measure on our new-to-us 2000 Ford Windstar.

Fluids were again confirmed to be clean, without suspicious odors.

Looks like Bob and Suanne are discussing something serious with Cliff doing a walk-around on the minivan.

The build begins this week, as a small volunteer team assemble in the forest of southern Oregon.

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We Got a MiniVan

Homes On Wheels Alliance purchased a first minivan to make into a home for someone in need.  Here is a short video clip of our little celebration just after picking it up.

Dinner at Dennys celebrating the purchase of a mini van to grant to someone in need through Homes On Wheels Alliance.

Posted by Bob Wells on Monday, May 20, 2019
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YouTube Live Feed With Bob – Sunday, May 19, 2 pm PDT

Time for another YouTube with Bob this Sunday, May 19 at 2 pm PDT. Listen to announcements and take part in a Q&A. Here is the link:

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An Evening Potluck

Caravans are groups of people who choose to camp together during a published time. As a nomad, you don’t have to be alone out here. In the Caravans, participants make friends, have fun, and create community.

Vans, RVs and a car .. all types of rigs are welcome in the Caravans.

Caravans meet on public lands where dispersed camping is free. Typically, a Caravan Group will spend two weeks at a location and then move to another camp, satisfying BLM and National Forest Service (NFS) rules. Participants practice Leave No Trace ethics, where they carry everything out that they brought in.

Sunsets over a shared meal at the Caravan.

Recently, the Homes On Wheels Alliance Staff were camping in the same general area as one of the Caravan Groups — Pahrump, NV. So, we decided to share a meal and visit together one pleasant April evening. (See photos.)

Bob satisfied after his meal.

Caravans began under the auspices of CheapRVLiving. Shortly, Homes On Wheels Alliance will be assuming the program. The official switch-over date is July 1, which is the beginning of the summer quarter’s Caravan Program. To find where the Caravans are located and then RSVP, go to the Caravans group in Meetup.

Suanne enjoys chatting with Caravan participants.

Consider joining us!

By Suanne Carlson, Executive Director

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Linda May’s Land Donation

Hi everyone. I want to share some really cool news about a gift of land to Homes On Wheels Alliance (HOWA). Linda May, the protagonist in Jessica Bruder’s “Nomadland and one of the co-stars in the upcoming movie of the same name, donated her 5 acres in Douglas, Arizona to HOWA! Most wonderfully, hours after Linda and company departed for their new home in Taos, our first Caravan participants arrived. Everyone loves how peaceful and quiet it is here.

Thank you Linda. You are a real treasure in our community.

Our long term plans for Linda May’s place is a Training Center, which is basically a combination between a small Rubber Tramp Rendezvous and the Caravans. I’ve already started working with County Planners to make it happen, contingent on Planning and Zoning Commission approval next year. (Note: HOWA’s Board of Trustees has accepted the transfer of the Caravans from CheapRVLiving to HOWA.)

Suanne Carlson, Executive Director, Homes On Wheels Alliance, April 1, 2019

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